Trump supporters blow up Shofar and knock down the Supreme Court wall in an attempt to get down to DC

After horn blow and marching, Jericho March heads to the National Mall. There, you’ll hear from long-time characters from Trump World, such as My Pillow founder Mike Lindel and former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

A few blocks away, Women for America First has a permit from Freedom Plaza in Washington, the same place we organized for Trump on March 14. According to the permit, a new group, the First Amendment Praetorian Guard, will be guarding the event with the aim of protecting conservative rally participants from left-wing protesters.

The duel rally may reflect the growing division of Trump’s “electoral fraud” movement after the election. The Jericho March Rally is affiliated with Stop the Steel, a collection of Trump-backed Internet personalities that held rallies outside the voting sites of fierce battle states across the country. Stop the Steal activists first participated in the first Women for America First Rally on November 12th. But then, organizer Ali Alexander and Infowars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones accused Women for America First of “hijacking” their rally plans.

A third rally is planned near the Washington Monument, with permission that MAGA personalities with names such as “Token Black Guy” and the pro-Trump drag queen “Lady MAGAUSA” will rally for “election integrity.” To do.

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