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Trump urges Governor SD to Senator Soon — but Governor doesn’t want a job –

President Donald Trump is openly pressing South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem to play against Republican Senator John Thune. He recognizes that he is dishonest in his fight to overturn the election results.

Trump advised Nome to play against Toon Tweet On Friday, she called Thune a Republican by Name Only and concluded that she would do a “great job” in the Senate.

President First proposed A major challenge to Senate Majority Secretary of State Thune last week blamed Thune for admitting Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election. Reject support Long shot plan To overturn Trump’s election loss when Congress officially counts Electoral College votes next week.

However, despite Trump’s preemptive support, Nome has already rejected the idea of ​​opposition to Toon: last week she called Toon a “friend” and instead made her second term as governor in 2022. He responded to speculation by saying that he was planning to run.

Trump claimed on Friday that other potential primary challengers would line up if Nome decided not to run.

Nome’s office did not respond to requests for comment.

“She will do a great job in the US Senate, but if not Christie, others are already in line,” Trump tweeted. “South Dakota now wants strong leadership!”

Nome wasn’t the first politician to get support from Trump for a job she didn’t want. At a rally last month, Trump urged Congressman Doug Collins (Republican) to face Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (Republican) in 2022. Brian Kemp (Republican) is a former Trump ally and Georgia.Collins Shrugged With that in mind, he thanked Trump for a vote of trust in Fox News last month, but focused on helping Republican senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue win the Georgia finals next week. He said he was matching.

Trump didn’t want to admit defeat, so he spent weeks putting pressure on the Republicans to support his failed efforts to overturn Biden’s victory. For many Republicans, this Gambit turns the normally indisputable act of acknowledging the outcome of the presidential election into a high-stakes political litmus test, supporting or supporting the allegations of unfounded fraudulent voting. It forced us to choose to surpass the millions of supporters of Trump.So far, Trump has Proposed main issues Tune, Kemp, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, and Georgia Deputy Governor Jeff Duncan opposed after calling Biden to the president-elect or refusing to serve Trump. In addition, Senate leader Mitch McConnell (Republican), like Soon, has withstood weeks of attacks from Trump. Shoot down An attempt by Trump ally members to overturn Biden’s victory in Congress next week.

The enthusiasm to support Trump’s key challenges and his desire to play Kingmaker show that he can continue to work in the Republican Party after he resigns.Even if Trump doesn’t run for president again in 2024, he Plans reportedly His continued involvement in politics, and his widespread popularity among Republican voters, makes his support a valuable asset and his contempt blames for punishment.

Trump adds Senator John Thune to the list of Republicans he doesn’t want to be seated (Forbes)

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Trump urges Governor SD to Senator Soon — but Governor doesn’t want a job – Trump urges Governor SD to Senator Soon — but Governor doesn’t want a job –

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