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Trump’s policy failure has hit public health hard

In the final year of President Donald Trump, more than 450,000 Americans died of COVID-19, shortening life expectancy. 1. 13 years, The largest decline since World War II.Most of the dead AvoidableThe US COVID-19 mortality rate was 40% higher than the average for other wealthy countries in the Group 7 (G7).

so Lancet Report During the Trump era, announced on February 20 with the Commission on Public Policy and Health, we recorded the health impact of Trump’s population. His incompetent and malicious response to the COVID-19 pandemic ended his presidency full of health-threatening policies and actions.

But it also turned out that Americans’ health began to lag before Trump took office. In 1980, life expectancy in the United States was similar to that of other G7 countries. By 2018 it was 3.4 years shorter. Had the life expectancy of the United States kept pace with the rest of the G7, 461,000 deaths would have been avoided in 2018. That’s the number of Americans who died of COVID-19 last year.

Trump faced a pandemic Suppression Scientific data, test delays, masked mockups and blocks, and rallying in places where social distance is not possible. Despite the growing threat of COVID-19 and global warming, he withdrew the United States from the World Health Organization and Paris’ climate change agreement. He has set up industry insiders in regulatory posts whose mission is to protect Americans from environmental and occupational hazards. Their regulatory rollback resulted in an excessive death of 22,000 from such dangers in 2019 alone.He pierced $ 1.9 trillion tax cut For the rich, he made a budget hole that he used to justify reducing food and housing aid for the poor. He tried to abolish ACA but failed and made every effort to undermine it, boosting the number of uninsured Americans by 2.3 million.he Refugees fleeing violence refuse to enter, Abused migrant detainees, and punished migrants Access to basic social services..

Trump has a special responsibility for American health issues, but many of his policies did not represent a fundamental breakthrough from the past. Both Republican and Democratic governments have pursued economic, health, and social policies that are detrimental to the health of the people.

Nixon’s racist drug war caused mass imprisonment, jeopardizing the health of prisoners, their families, and others in their communities. Since the Reagan era, deregulation, trade agreements in favor of businesses, and trade union attacks have caused hollowing out of industry and increased income insecurity in many parts of the country, contributing to the “death of despair” epidemic. .. Bill Clinton’s welfare cuts and harsh crime measures have jeopardized the life opportunities of many Americans, especially black and brown Americans. Market-based healthcare reforms, dating back to Reagan and similarly approved by Democrats and Republicans, have commercialized and bureaucratized healthcare. Raise costs and shift care to wealthier people.. Corporate lobbyists are also blocking the regulation of dangerous products such as firearms, obese foods, and addictive medicines.

These long-standing policies include slavery, Jim Crow’s isolation, permanent racial health inequalities left by the legacy of Native American genocide, and income, education And Geography.. And the pattern of government negligence set the stage for the racist and nativist appeals that Trump used to promote his political rise. In 2016, Trump won the largest electoral college in the county. Worst mortality trends..

Fortunately, many of the policies needed to improve the damage of COVID-19 will also begin to address the long-term mortality crisis. You need more than vaccination. We offer universal paid sick leave, Medicare for all, environmental and workplace protection, income support, and affordable housing to limit congestion and ensure food security. They need alternatives to imprisonment, public health infrastructure, investment in education, compensation for native and black Americans for wealth, and the workforce has been confiscated from them.

After the turmoil of the Trump era, you’ll want to ask for a return to normal. However, the normal state of the United States was fatal to hundreds of thousands of Americans each year. Our country’s public health and social policy infrastructure suffers from 40 years of negligence. Not repairing it will ensure that the United States remains vulnerable to the next health crisis, health inequality persists, and our politics remains divided.

As the Biden administration looks to the future, large-scale reinvestments are needed to meet the requirements for a healthy population.

This is an opinion and analysis article.

Trump’s policy failure has hit public health hard Trump’s policy failure has hit public health hard

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