Trust GXT 310 Radius Gaming Headset Review

Many gaming accessories, especially headsets, wrap badly. While the gaming industry has been booming in recent years, it means that all kinds of third-party accessories and headsets are on the market. Many of these will hit where you need them and you’ll have a hard time finding Razer, Steelseries, and even I disband Razer, Steelseries, and more. PDP Because of the options they brought to the market. But apart from these relatively large names, there are small companies trying to get some of the pies. Their selling point is to make it as cheap as possible. That’s where Trust comes in, using the GXT 310 Radius Gaming Headset to reliably scrape barrel debris. That’s a multi-format gaming headset that costs less than £ 20. Isn’t that a good thing for sure?

Well, just in case you don’t have enough time. you are correct. That’s not good, and to be honest, you shouldn’t buy it.

The Trust GXT 310 Radius is the most plastic headset I’ve ever used, and I believed in it and used a ton. With a black and red design, lifting the Radius will disappoint the overall quality. It seems to have been built using some of the cheapest materials possible-again, remember the price range under £ 20-there is scratched plastic throughout. The adjustable headband is full of stuff like this, with two small GXT logos splitting the black outside. Sure, it’s pretty lightweight, weighing only 284 grams-even if the box says it’s heavier-but it’s just a bunch of comfort in a grand plan of things.

The underside of the headband is a little better with a red padded slab to ensure that this headset fits comfortably. Unfortunately, it’s still a failure. This should be one of the least padded headsets I’ve ever had in my head, the red details and design work well in black tones, but the Trust sticks to the slightly molded plastic I feel like I’m doing it for that. It certainly doesn’t help in terms of comfort.

The same is true for the earcups themselves. Smaller than the styles offered by many other brands, these are far more “sitting” designs than they can be pleasing to the ear. Again, the red interior that covers the 40mm speaker driver looks great and the cushions around the cup are pretty good, but you don’t want to attend many gaming sessions with them installed. Not so with time, especially if you think of yourself as a serious gamer. But their appearance looks okay. The slightly industrial but inexpensive design may appeal to some people.

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When it comes to sound, things are pretty weirdly okay. The 40mm driver provides enough sound beyond its tolerance, but it’s also not close to what gamers are accustomed to. This is the basic “sound”. No more, no less, and many of the levels we expect cannot actually be reached. However, if you don’t care about midrange complexity, bass boom, or how treble works on your ears and just want to hear what’s going on, this is it. enough. jobs. But for many – read: all – much better than paying for just a few pounds.Include Turtle Beach Recon Spark It’s a good choice.

Then go to Mike. A foldable, inflexible mic that shouts flip-to-mute, except for the fact that there is no mute. It’s mounted on the outside of the left earcup so you can move it somewhere in front of your mouth so you can easily communicate with your teammates and bark your orders. With seven different arrangements of this gift, it’s easy to find the right place for you, and the sound it carries from the user’s mouth to other parts of the world seems just right. I didn’t have much complaints about this, but in party and game chats, the console, echo, and reverb are turned up and the unpleasant experience awaits. The echo is also bidirectional, with the user hearing himself chatting and the other user clearly audible during the day. It’s not something you want to put up with on a regular basis.

Trust GXT 310 Radius is a wired headset. That is, a single wire protruding from the left earcup works towards the controller. The permanently installed length is about 1 meter, which is perfectly fine, but if you’re looking for an additional length, you can get an additional 50 cm using a secondary cable. Between them, you need to cover all the bases of Xbox gamers. Testing has shown that the standard options are fine, but if you need a longer cable, make sure it’s in the box. In addition, you need to use a split PC cable to carry this over to your PC. This will add more meters to the procedure.

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You may have reached this point through reviews and wondered why features, buttons, volume controls, etc. aren’t mentioned. The fact of the matter is that the radius has lost nothing and I mean all the controls. The outer box where this is sold states that an “in-line remote with volume control and mic mute” is part of the feature set, but that’s a lie, or well, it’s a lie. There are no buttons and no inline volume control. Also, flip-up mics seem ripe for such features, but they don’t have a mute switch. Also, there is no equalizer setting anywhere on the GXT. 310 radius.In the world of Razer works with magical HyperSense using Nari Ultimate,and Steelseries comes to market with a magical headset – Although the price has been raised significantly – it seems strange to have a headset that volume controls and gamers don’t even have the opportunity to mute themselves from the online world. So you could go to the console settings and try something like that, but is that really what you want to do in the middle of the fight? Again, like the rest of the GXT 310, the answer is definitely no.

Even considering the low asking price, this headset is far from what gamers need for accessories. What Trust did with the GXT 310 Radius must be praised in a strange way. Entering the heaving market with multi-format headsets under £ 20 deserves some mention. Unfortunately, the headset is so lacking in functionality, comfort, and quality that it’s quickly rejected from the wishlist, apart from being considered “my first gaming headset” by the youngest gamers. need to do it. Even under 20 pounds.

A big thank you to Trust for providing the GXT310 Radius review unit for opening and reviewing. If you want to pick it up yourself Head to amazon..

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Trust GXT 310 Radius Gaming Headset Review

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