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TSB gives a “bitter blow” to high streets around 70 branches

Fear of work as TSB closes more branches with a “bitter blow” to High Street

The TSB has “bitterly hit” High Street in the UK by arranging 70 more bank branches.

The latest closure has increased the total number of branches culled to 330 in four years, putting 150 jobs at risk.

The Spanish-owned bank said it wants all staff to find new roles, but whether they have the right skills or are in the right place to take on the posts offered. I couldn’t confirm.

Disappearance: TSB has been weeded out to 330 bank branches in four years.The recent closure puts about 150 jobs at risk

Starting in early 2019, all lenders have announced the closure of approximately 4,369 bank branches.

Robin Bulloch, Chief Customer Officer of TSB, said:

Bank launch liquidation

A new institution established to process payments has opened its doors.

Bank of London is the second “clearing bank” launched in the UK in 250 years. It processes the “plumbing” of the financial system and closes transactions between banks.

There was concern that Brexit would weaken London’s dominance in this market, but founder Anthony Watson said: We have never been a member of the euro, but we have cleared 70% of the world’s euros.

“London has 2.5 times as much dollars as New York. London is the financial center of the world.”

“These changes allow us to maintain a broad branch presence across the country.

“They involve a large investment in upgrading branches to better suit their customers’ needs. If it takes time to reach the nearest branch, we will introduce more“ pop-up ”services. ..

TSB still has 220 branches, stating that none of them closed was the last branch in town.

It blamed the closure of customers who switched to online banking. However, customers have blown it up to take advantage of the pandemic and reduce costs.

Beth Murray said on Twitter: Why is that so? “

Sharon Graham, Executive Secretary of the Unite Labor Union, said this was “pain” and added: Urgent intervention to make cash readily available to all communities. “


TSB gives a “bitter blow” to high streets around 70 branches TSB gives a “bitter blow” to high streets around 70 branches

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