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Thomas Tuchel believes Kepa Arrizabalaga can still save him Chelsea The career urged the goalkeeper not to work too hard to impress his first start for the new blues boss.

Kepa’s future at Stamford Bridge seems to have been destined under Tuchel’s predecessor Frank Lampard after losing support as the club brought Edouard Mendy from Rennes to become their first goalkeeper. It looked like.

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Bruce signed Kepa from Athletic Bilbao It was a world record of £ 71.6m in August 2018, but I was happy to hear the offer this summer if I could get back most of that amount.

No club was interested in the price, and Kepa has only played four times since Mendy arrived in September. However, Tuchel’s arrival gave him a new start, starting with a tie in the fifth round of the FA Cup at Barnsley on Thursday’s championship side.

“He will play tomorrow, he will start tomorrow,” said Tuchel, who was fired. Paris Saint-Germain December before taking over Lampard last month.

“And, of course, there was an outsider view of his situation and some sports difficulties.

“Maybe his transfer situation is also a bit on his shoulder. It was an external impression.

“From the inside, you can see good people. There are good people, open personalities, hard-working people, and obviously high quality people.

“The good thing for him is that we start anew. It’s a new start for him. I have no history with him. I don’t see them coming, so I hope it’s okay. I will.

“He’s a clear guy and an open guy. He does everything to impress in training. I’m glad that all three goalkeepers feel in a good mood. They are competitors to each other. Of course, they are in a very special position in football. They are in a very decisive position and have their own rules.

“If you make a mistake, everyone sees and talks about it. So you need a lot of mental strength and quality. This is seen by all three goalkeepers. Kepa has a chance tomorrow. He I hope you can show me what you are doing in training. “

Asked if Kepa could turn things around in Chelsea, Tuchel replied, “Absolutely, today, absolutely,” and added: “No one wants to sit down [on the bench], I absolutely understand it.Goalkeeper doesn’t want to sit down [on the bench] And no one of my guys wants to travel tomorrow and sit on the bench.

“They don’t want to sit, they don’t want to sit. I want them to stand on the pitch and play a big role. At the same time, they give Edo the same amount of support and hopefully to Willie. [Caballero]..

“The situation is the one Kepa has just found. We didn’t make any changes in the first game and Ed was strong at that moment. So tomorrow is an opportunity to show and hopefully to say this. Very important to me, he doesn’t want to overdo it. I want him to play a regular game tomorrow.

“He doesn’t have to show me or anyone else that he’s ready tomorrow SpainNo.1 in summer. He just has to show his qualities. Not more or less. So I don’t expect him to score and keep no runs, so we have to manage expectations. I just want him to help with his quality and he provides a solid performance to help the team.

“He has big goals and personal ambitions to achieve, but this is normal. That’s why he’s here.”

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Tuchel says Kepa can save Chelsea’s career Tuchel says Kepa can save Chelsea’s career

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