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Atletico Madrid star Jose Jimenez is reportedly the player Thomas Tuchel wants to sign with Chelsea in the transfer market.

Former Chelsea boss Frank Lampard was given a lot of money during his final transfer to improve all areas of the blues team, he ran out of money and the players who won premiered the blues team. Made it one of the best teams in the league.

However, Thomas Tuchel was the man who wanted to mark this Chelsea side, and there was a lot of speculation that the Germans were interested in taking Gomes to Stamford Bridge. ..

Guimenez is now becoming one of the game’s most solid defenders, attracting all sorts of attention from Manchester City, Real Madrid, PSG and others for his impressive performance on his Madrid shirt.

Uruguay has been with Atletico Madrid since 2013, winning the title of LaLiga Espanola for the second time this season and playing 21 league games in the injured season.

He has a very high price tag that Chelsea has to pay, with a mark of around £ 70m, and must be convinced that moving to the Premier League is his best option.

Report now Daily Express websiteTuchel gave Roman Abramovich a list of targets before the transfer market, and Guimenez claims he is a very interested player.

However, despite speculation that Chelsea are keen on the deal, he came and sent a very clear message to Tuchel about the possibility of moving to Stanford Bludge during the summer.

“I will not leave Atletico Madrid this summer. I am definitely here,” he says. Said via Carcel Deportivo after the celebration of the club title.

Look, Chelsea have added some impressive players to their team so far this season, but Guimenez is another level player, Silva’s great partner and an immediate replacement for the Brazilians. is.

This would be bad news as he could have been a great sign.


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Tuchel told the board that he wanted Guimenez in Chelsea next season. Tuchel told the board that he wanted Guimenez in Chelsea next season.

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