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Tucker release By WWE in April.

While on the main roster as part of the Heavy Machinery Tag Team with Otis, many fans have Tucker Marty Jannetty If the team breaks up.And since this is WWE, of course the team broke up For no reason Both members of the team are in draft May have been Select together.

Tucker Otis turned on Shortly thereafter, he became a craftsman who received little TV time. He didn’t think much about him because WWE Wins the title 24 hours a day, 7 days a week After the dissolution, I couldn’t even get a match with Otis.Tucker after he was released Made fun of He had an interesting story.

We may now have some of that story.But the main point I got from the Tucker interview is WrestleTalk He wasn’t as well informed about what was happening inside WWE as his fans did as an outside observer.

First, he explains that no one told him about the tag team split until the last second:

“I haven’t really been told (about splitting). The first thing I knew it might happen was on the TV the day we did the Talking Smack segment (for drafts). A few hours ago I found it. They’re going to say so … “, but it didn’t really look like a hard split. And a few weeks later, we pretend not to be Otis and do El Grand Gordo with Otis, and then I think the split happened two days later. I wasn’t booked to appear in that day’s show that day, the day the split happened. Then, around 1 pm, there was a phone call saying “I want you to come to the arena.” I’m like “OK …”. And I wasn’t told until I didn’t even know what was going down like 3:30 or 4 o’clock. And that plan has changed a few times, and I don’t know in retrospect, but I’m sure I didn’t ask a lot of questions. And that’s exactly what happened, just as I was a little crazy about doing it. “

The story is pretty much the same as Otis’s failure in the Money in the Bank briefcase.

“Honestly, I didn’t really get any answer to that either (Otis’ money plan in a bank run). It was really the last decision for Otis to get a briefcase. I think, I don’t even know that. The truth of the matter is that I really don’t have a fixed answer, I didn’t get anything, I definitely put it on my face many times I feel like I lied straight. “

Tucker goes on to say he thinks he was supposed to be transferred to Raw basement After he split with Otis, but the concept was sudden axe, Leaves him nothing to do on TV. He once again repeats that he has never been given much information about it, just making the best guesses.

It seems that WWE has given this man as little information as possible about what’s happening in his creative direction. This only amplifies the general assumption that there are often behind-the-scenes situations in WWE. Chaotic And dysfunction.

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Tucker says WWE has lied to his face many times Tucker says WWE has lied to his face many times

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