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In recent matches, Chelsea have slowed down the Premier League and could be 12 points behind leader Manchester City before Bruce faces Liverpool on Sunday.

If that wasn’t bad enough, star striker Romelu Lukaku really stirs the pot, saying how unhappy he is in the club in that he feels he has no chance to play. I did.

Perhaps his anger is understandable. Given that he was the first choice and protagonist of the Internazionale, he turned into a player chosen only by Tuhel for the game he feels the Belgians make a difference.

With Lukaku’s words being talked about all over the world, it was clear that they would be talked about at Liverpool’s pre-match Tuhel press conference.

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The Germans seemed surprised at the comments, saying that it was the exact opposite of how Tuhel felt when he saw Lukaku’s train and his general attitude.

After admitting that they didn’t like the “noise” around the club, which clearly hindered their preparation for the match, Tuhel admitted that the disciplinary action would be taken in-house.

Most surprising was his approval that changing rooms do not necessarily have to be a happy place for a team to succeed, and discord often is needed to get the most out of the team.

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Tuhel’s amazing Lukaku Chelsea comments Tuhel’s amazing Lukaku Chelsea comments

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