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Tunde Adeyemi becomes the winner of the DAAYTA 2022 Final Pitch Tournament

Founded in 1994, ARM, a Nigerian-based asset management group, has completed the Deji Ali Arm Young Talent Award (DAAYTA) 2022 finalist pitch event with D-Olivetti Enterprise’s Tunde Adeyemi as the contest winner. Announced.

The DAAYTA program is a youth award initiative founded in 2015 in honor of ARM’s founder CEO, Deji Ali, with great innovative ideas that have a positive impact on people’s lives and the surrounding community. The purpose is to support young entrepreneurs. , According to ARM.

However, ARM revealed at the finalist pitch event on April 8, 2022 that Tande won 12 million N as a winner out of seven contestants.

According to Tunde, D-Olivette is a social enterprise accelerating the emergence of sustainable domestic biogas biodigesters for clean cooking, electrification and sustainable agriculture, and companies are transforming their homes. He adds that he is doing this through the provision of innovations in domestic biodigesters specially designed for the cultivation of organic waste and biodegradable wastewater into fertilizers and biogas within 10 days.

Osahan Ogiemuda, Executive Director of ARM Pension, said, talking about the finals: We believe that they all have what they need to have a sustainable impact on their community. We would also like to thank the entire team and partners for supporting this initiative to ensure that young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas can change the stories of different communities. To do. “

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Organizers have revealed that the 2022 edition of the program focuses on minimum viable products (MVPs) and start-ups with at least one customer.

Similarly, ARM expects 425 applications from startup entrepreneurs, through a thorough screening process, to identify and select the top 6 participants and to receive a 12 million N grant. I explained that I participated in the event.

Another finalist who participated in the completion of the final pitch was Emmanuel Ezenwere of Arone Energy, whose goal is to solve Nigeria’s long-term energy crisis with unreliable power supplies and CO2 emissions from generators.

Onyinye Ogueg of myStash Technologies is a company that helps Africans unknowingly save and invest.

Vinsighte Limited’s Oluwatomisin Kolawole aims to provide vision to the blind through a designed auxiliary reading solution called Visis.

Celloop Limited’s Oluseyi Lukman Fadaiya is a digital platform solution that collects dead battery cells and processes them for use in Second Life.

Boluwatife Omotayo of Gamp Technology Limited has a business idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeasily providing affordable services to device consumers through OEM.

The solution for Rasheed Aliu from Arleegreens Renewable Enterprise is the Green box. This is an inexpensive solution that can be reused in these communities by treating toilet waste into odorless, clean, reusable water.

Meanwhile, the jury team that conducted the review was angel investor Ndidi Nnoli-Edozien, a founding partner of the venture platform, an avid angel investor and mentor of startup founders, and a deputy group of the ARM Group. I’m Sadiq Mohammed from Folashade, CEO. Olusanya, a partner of Jackson Etti & Edu, Victor Asemota, an African partner of Alta Global Ventures, a US-based venture capital firm, and Ina Alogwu, director of digital transformation for the ARM Group.

ARM also explained that it uniquely combines traditional wealth management with alternative investment services to provide private, wealthy and institutional investors with wealth-generating solutions and opportunities.

As of December 2021, the company said it manages a total asset of approximately 1.6 trillion N.

Tunde Adeyemi becomes the winner of the DAAYTA 2022 Final Pitch Tournament Tunde Adeyemi becomes the winner of the DAAYTA 2022 Final Pitch Tournament

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