Turbo overkill is the most fun thing on a chainsaw leg

Usually, if the chainsaw is near someone’s foot, that would be a problem. But if the chainsaw is embedded in your foot and you can flip the chainsaw every time you do a bat slide, that’s much more of a problem for the enemy’s ankle.This is exactly what you are looking for Turbo overkill, The next shooter that uses Apex Legends’ excellent sliding mechanism and asks, “What if I add a deadly rotating blade?” I’ve chatted with game director Sam Prebble and played a bit on my own, and I’m sure you’ll love the answer.

Turbo overkill is what I imagine you would get if Doom was set up in the city of cyberpunk. This is not surprising given what Preble has been working on for 15 years. Doom 2 Mod Total Chaos.. While playing the game, I tore a stunning maze of neon skyscrapers called Paradise. Instead of the devil, they are trying to get through a cyber city full of criminals with technological extensions controlled by rogue AI. Your character’s name is somewhat cheaper than Doom Slayer. You play as Johnny Turbo. It is your job to deal with all these Neredawells.

Well, the introduction doesn’t get in the way. Now I can talk about chainsaw legs.

“When I was working on the prototype, I was playing a lot of Apex Legends,” Preble tells me. “One of my favorite features is movement, momentum, and sliding. I knew I needed to incorporate a sliding feature, so I asked myself,” What if I could slip into a monster and kill it? ” .. From there, I thought I needed a reason to die if I slipped into a monster, so I basically stabbed a chainsaw in my leg. ”

I love the movement of Apex, so I found it comfortable and familiar. Similar to Respawn’s battle royale, zooming down on a slope will make it faster. However, with a chainsaw, the faster you go, the more damage you will do. This leads to so many battles trying to slide jump as much as possible to slice the enemy. To be honest, you just want to keep moving around in combat. Turbo Overkill is tough and full of criminals like Reapers (like Blue Frogman). I met these guys many times at my end as they quickly flew around and left a dangerous puddle of electricity on the ground. This can be a first-person shooter as well as a “floor is lava” game.

You too will have enough firepower to help you. Each weapon has two different firing modes. You can think of one as “normal” mode, and the other, which is unnecessarily above, is a very good way to do it.

Therefore, there are miniguns that are also flamethrowers, shotguns that can fire huge electric pulses, and sniper rifles that can teleport inside enemies. My favorite was the double-behaviored Magnum. As you would expect, their main fire is fairly standard piston rings, but their alternatives allow you to shoot smart bullets that charge and lock against enemies. Sure, the best part about this is that you have a fun spinning animation with your second gun while you’re in it. Stylish, elegant and murderous.

Not only the Turbo Overkill Minigun, but also the flamethrower arson the bad guys.
Excuse me, did you want a bullet? Or FIRE.

“We have always believed that weapons should be versatile, whether they are secondary shots or other methods that can be used in-game,” says Prebble. “Like Quake, there was rocket jumping. But in many shooters I played, I started with early weapons that I rarely use later in the game. I wanted to make the weapons more convenient. Throughout. ”

The important thing is that the gun also works well from the legs of the chainsaw.

“One of the tricks I found by chance is to be able to launch a rocket behind, rotate 180 degrees, activate the chainsaw legs, and use the propulsion from the explosion to speed up the chainsaw. A lot of damage, “he added.

A slightly more traditional way to move with Turbo Overkill is the Titanfall and Doom-inspired wall-mounted and grappling hooks. These are great additions to a highly vertical world. Prebble says his game is “as wide as height.” While demonstrating the level, he threw himself from a skyscraper into the neon arena below to show it off. I spent a lot of time exploring all the streets and alleys myself. It may feel like a maze, but you can always jump off a bridge or bounce off a more promising road (or a crowd of enemies who need a saw).

To be honest, I really want you to feel like a cyberpunk city. From flying cars and bright holographic ads to dingy side streets full of tech viruses that bleed from ominous screens and walls, the game has a very nice dystopian feel. This wasn’t always the case, but when you have a great chainsaw leg, you need a world that fits it.

“When I started the turbo, it became a very hellish theme, like the original quake,” Preble tells me. “But when I started on the road to bring a chainsaw to my feet, I went down the grindhouse road. For me, it’s getting lost in some familiar world, but for some reason It’s also a completely different thing. ”

Turbo Overkill is set to be released “immediately”, so I hope you don’t have to wait long to get your feet on the chainsaw.find it On Steam If you want to see.

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