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Twenty-four years later, Nasarawa welcomes her first female presiding judge, Aisha, as Dicco bows.

A speech in honor of the former presiding judge of Nasarawa was held today in Lafia, the capital of the mammoth crowd.

The event, which brought together celebrities and prominent legal scholars from inside and outside the state, also witnessed the oath of Governor Abdullahi Sule, the first female judge of the new state, Judge Aisha Aliyu Bashir.

A court session at the new state high court complex was attended by a group of women, a traditional governor, a former state presiding judge, and senior government officials.

Judge Aisha will resume his duties as Supreme Court Judge on January 1, 2021 and marks a new milestone in the history of Nasarawa justice.

The appointment of Aisha Al-Bashir is the 5 series since the founding of Nasarawa 24 years ago.

Judge Dicco, born December 31, 1955, recorded his 65-year-old birth today. This coincided with the retirement age of state judiciaries as set out in the Constitutional Provisions of Article 291 (2) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Governor Abdullah Sule speaks at the speech and provides deliberate leadership to ensure separation of powers, establish the principle of the rule of law and maintain good governance for the socio-economic development of the state. Repeated his administration’s efforts to do so. ..

According to Governor Sule, “I have fulfilled my constitutional obligations and, in accordance with the provisions of Article 271 (1), and on the recommendation of the Nasarawa Judiciary Committee, I have appointed Judge Aisha Basil Arille as Deputy Judge Approved to do. In Nasarawa. “

He said the appointment of Judge Aisha was aimed at ensuring the sanity and stability of the judiciary as the basic institution of society.

“The process of confirmation is underway in the Legislature, but we must swear to the Appointee, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, so that we can avoid the duties of the Supreme Court of Nasarawa.

“As you know, the judiciary is a treasure trove of democratic beliefs and the rule of law. Indeed, the judiciary is important in our development process because it provides alloys that strengthen relations between government agencies.

He ensured that his administration “prioritized attention to this important exodermis so that it could meet the goals and expectations of its citizens.”

Sule reminded the deputy presiding judge of a woman, “As the head of government, you are a symbol of justice, justice, justice and objectivity, which are the hallmarks that civilized society has always longed for.”

He ordered her to harness her wealth of experience in carrying out awkward responsibilities.

Hassan Lima, a senior advocate of Nigeria, lamented how the state’s private bars were not considered in the process of appointing a judiciary. According to him, the judiciary has always aimed to bring about unhealthy quarrels and competition. Down each other.

“But I’m from a private bar, but I haven’t personally had any reason to discriminate or distinguish the respected members of the public bar profession, either on the bench or in the State Department. Of the judiciary or other related public institutions. “

Judge Aisha Bashir, the new deputy Supreme Court Judge, said the Supreme Court would have been better if the state’s judiciary had been adequately funded.

Under the leadership of Governor Abdullah Sule, he urged the state government to investigate the non-promotion of some judicial workers in the state, annual increases, and protracted half-salary issues.

“In addition, salaries were paid on a regular basis and staff enjoyed promotions and annual salaries, but stopped in 2015, unlike others who enjoyed half-price salaries for several months without talking about promotions and annual salaries. I will. “

Judge Suleiman Umal Dicco, the deceased judge, said it was truly heartwarming to work on the abilities of the judge and thanked the judicial staff for the support given to him.

Twenty-four years later, Nasarawa welcomes her first female presiding judge, Aisha, as Dicco bows. Twenty-four years later, Nasarawa welcomes her first female presiding judge, Aisha, as Dicco bows.

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