Twilight Zone New Year Marathon 2020/2021 Schedule

It was a good year for Rod Serling’s television classic.Now we have made a complete trip around the sun Twilight zoneMaybe the parable has a deeper meaning. Or, as our planet falls into turmoil, we continue to ignore them altogether.

In any case, the annual Dusk area The New Year’s Day Marathon will continue to be held at SYFY. The marathon will run for three days from 6am on Thursday, December 31st. Twilight Zone’The first episode, “Where Is Everybody,” will air on Saturday, January 2nd, until 5:30 am, in the 156th and final episode of the series’ original run, “The Bewitchin’Pool.”

During the holiday season Twilight zone.. Sirling was born on Christmas 1924.In the series A memorable homage The miracle of 34th Avenue Season 2 “The Night of the Meek,Is set during Christmas.Outside of his anthological masterpiece, Sarling wrote his own view. Christmas carolAs a television movie featuring Peter Sellers, it was almost completely forgotten for almost 50 years before it reappeared on television. You can read more about this here..

Twilight zone The Holiday Marathon – First Thanksgiving, July 4th, and now New Year – has its own history. I explained in detail a few years ago.. The latest home for the marathon is SYFY.You can check out the full network Dusk area The following marathon schedule.

Twilight Zone New Year Marathon 2020/2021 Schedule

https://www.denofgeek.com/tv/the-twilight-zone-new-years-marathon-2020-2021-schedule/ Twilight Zone New Year Marathon 2020/2021 Schedule

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