Twin Mirror & Life is Strange studio Dontnod is working on 6 games

Dontnod Entertainment is certainly a busy developer these days, and recently revealed that he’s working on a whopping six games currently under development in a narrative-based studio.

This information comes from CEO Oskar Guilbert telling VentureBeat’s GamesBeat in a recent interview. “Our studio is growing and we are currently producing six games. Recent releases have been very successful in terms of press and player receptions. We are proud.”

The studio is closed Life is Strange 2 At the end of last year, we released an Xbox limited edition just a few months ago. Please tell me the reason..Next month it prepares to release a non-episode Twin mirror.. Dontnod is certainly developing story-based game tips, and Guilbert suggests that this will allow teams to explore different ways to tell stories in future titles. “I don’t want to stick to the same thing every time. Innovate. We are reforming ourselves in terms of quality, mechanics and technology. Finding new ways to tell a story is really important.”

However, the studio also wants to avoid falling into the same trap that hit another developer who also focused on the episode’s narrative game Telltale Games, and Dontnod is actually the company’s final. He says he learned a lot from his fate.We take into account we learned from seeing [Telltale], And we know it’s important to update the game mechanics, look and feel, rather than just changing the story. “

We have to wait for what happens to these six new games.But for now Twin mirror It will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on December 1st.–life-is-strange-studio-dontnod-has-six-games-in-production

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