Twin Mirror Preview-Best of Both Worlds

When Life is strange, Do you remember me, Please tell me the reason,and Vampire Behind it, Dontnod Entertainment has a very clear appeal and niche. Twin Mirror feels like the culmination of this in every respect. The town of Basswood was shining with selection-based stories, linear gameplay, and excellent writing, so I was able to spend just a few hours. This quickly became one of my most anticipated games of the year, and if you care about their previous work, it should be with you too.

Twin mirror Opens in a very cinematic style (this is ours Youtube channel) The main character, Sam, has returned to his hometown of Basswood after two years of absence. When music plays and cars drive across the country, there are few hints of tragic stories, but that’s not yet concrete. Choose to view rather than explain in how to use the shot. You’re sitting beside him with a bottle of “Eftyaxol” (probably some prescription drugs) studded with letters with “due date” on the shot and newspapers reporting a fatal car accident for journalists I see you there. Sam isn’t answering the phone because he’s wrapped in music. It’s almost a dream to run autopilot until Sam reaches the cliff. “This place has always been a place for decisions,” he tweeted to himself before proceeding. The decision in question had already been made – the choice to go home.

Here, I would like to introduce Mind Palace, which is one of the central mechanisms of Twin Mirror. Sam has a very analytical mind and makes it work to explain scenarios and choose the next move. When you close your eyes, the world collapses and you find a new world consisting of only important information. You use this to search his memory, explain some of his past, and try to understand it. Here, we introduce Anna and Nick, the two most important characters in Twin Mirror. Neither has much direct interaction, but tells a story throughout the past. Watching Nick play Pac-Man, he introduces Anna, proposes to Anna and rejects it, and connects the dynamic relationships of the past. Nick was a man who died in a fatal car accident. You go home for his awakening.

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Twin Mirror storytelling is absolutely tragic. You grow to learn who these characters are after finding the cracks between you all. You find their destiny and then start to care about them. This relationship has certain fateful qualities that make it much more attractive to see. Twin Mirror is a very cinematic game, but it’s not lacking in gameplay, so I call it a clock. Mind Palace provides the experience of solving puzzles later when understanding the event and how it occurs, as well as talking and moving. You can also interact with secondary characters in your mind. Someone who has compassion and empathy, your social aspect. When you get home, you need to balance the right decisions with the easy ones.

Most people in your town are hostile and evoke the image of Twin Peaks and Wickerman through their dazzling and bizarre cultural exchanges. As an analytical reporter, you wrote a revelation about the dangers of the mining population in mines and subsequent towns where all industries were closed. The article is working, but the inhabitants don’t see it that way. So, the next morning when you wake up with alcohol and pills around the floor and blood on your shirt, you need to investigate the core problem of this mystery. Twin Mirror consistently kept me moving with a few aides and more puzzle pieces. Bloody clothes may seem like a mystery enough for the hours I spent using them, but it was just one of many. It kept pushing forward by guessing new information and new parts of the town for me to explore and re-explore. The timelines here are all a bit strange.

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What surprised me about my time at Basswood was that everything felt like a human being. I felt that all the main characters were real, expressive and genuine, but so were the side characters. Talking to a random pharmacist suddenly revealed a bit of their life and their way of life, and a way of speaking in line with their personal philosophy. The same is true for unnamed people. Occasionally, just talking to an employee may result in someone who wants to leave the town but says “too little money to stay, too little to go”.

Talking more about the Twin Mirror may ruin some of the things that make it great, but fortunately there are so many things I like that I don’t think it really matters. From cinematic use of shots and music to great writing, Basswood is a place I definitely don’t want to visit, but I also want to spend another 10 hours. But I’m sure it’s a great place and it’s going to be a strange place. ”

Many thanks to Dontnod Entertainment for giving me access to the first few hours of Twin Mirror on my PC.The game will be fully released Xbox One, PS4 and PC will be available on December 1, 2020 with compatibility with the Xbox Series X | S and PS5 – Pre-orders have started. Now, pay attention to the complete review. In the meantime, check out the gameplay below.

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Twin Mirror Preview – The Best Of Both Worlds

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