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Dontnod Entertainment’s latest product in the adventure game genre, Twin mirror, I was completely disappointed. Life is strange, Another Dontnod title is one of the most fascinating games I’ve played for nearly a decade.Recently played Please tell me the reason, Last release of Dontnod Twin mirror, I felt Dontnod was on track. Most of Dontnod’s titles share the same gameplay. This is a 3D version of a point and click adventure game with branch dialog choices. Twin mirror It is no exception. Control the protagonist and let him make decisions in a world that should affect the outcome. But, Twin mirror, I found something wrong. Twin mirror It seems that he is in a hurry from the beginning. Most Dontnod titles deal with the first hook to the story before the title card and a montage of indie music where the main character is doing something. Twin mirror Jump directly to the montage. Similarly, throughout the game, we had fewer choices for branching dialogs, and instead ran small puzzles that were more interested in finding something rather than doing something.

Twin mirror
Developer: Dontnod
Price: $ 35
Platform: PC (reviewed), PS4, Xbox One

Sell ​​as a thriller, Twin mirror You should have been able to take advantage of this to make it exciting and move the story right away. But that’s not the case. At the end of the montage, we’ll move to Lookout Point, a small scenic spot overlooking the town of Basswood, West Virginia, where the story takes place. Our protagonist avoids texts from old friends trying to get him to come to his friend’s funeral. Instead, if you choose to visit this scenic outlook and remember the past where much of the story takes place, we begin to see who is the character who will play an important role in the upcoming story.

Our main character is named Sam Higgs. There he ignores his phone and funeral and enters the palace of his heart to attend the funeral of his best friend Nick. Mind Palace is a game place where Sam connects information and remembers things. What is interesting about this is that Mind Palace, also known as the method of loci, is a common memory-enhancing technique that uses familiar spatial environment visualizations to bring back information. This is one of the things Sam does when he enters the Mind Palace. But it is also the place where he accesses to explore the dark side of his mind. It was established early on that he wrote an article in a local newspaper, rocked things, and closed a local mine. That’s pretty terrible for a town in West Virginia. It was built to hate Sam, which is why he left the town, leaving hope that this would hinder Sam’s investigation. Unfortunately, this is the equivalent of about three small encounters that never go anywhere and impede Sam’s progress only once. In fact, the protagonist talks about it more than anyone who was actually affected by the closure of the mine.

Sam, who appears in awakening, gets drunk and wakes up the next morning with blood bleeding throughout his shirt. Even what can be used as a hook for a great story will fail. We quickly returned to the bar and Sam was wearing a Sherlock Holmes hat to find clues. This is the most boring part of the game, and while it’s easy to understand, it shows how loosely Dontnod uses the term “thriller.” My favorite thriller is that the protagonist doesn’t go into the room and push his body across the boundaries of the game to find one missing clue.

Soon you will start to see threads that are never satisfied. The game easily explores Sam’s dark side, but it resolves too quickly. In addition, the few things that can be gained from Sam’s dark side have been largely unresolved and have not been extended in a meaningful way.I managed to finish Twin mirror In 6 hours.The number of threads laid that bring nothing Mass effect 3 blush. In the worst case, the game will feature a huge number of characters. To be exact, it is 22 people and is only used in one or two scenes. What’s the point of introducing a lot of characters that have no story rewards or lead-ups?One of them Twin mirror It shows where ambition and budget converge. Put this back in the oven, everyone, it’s not over yet.

Graphically, this is the best looking Dontnod game I’ve played. The lip sync may be a little off, but overall it’s a very beautiful game and I especially like the UI. Choose a minimalist look that is little known, unless you’re specifically looking at what you can do with the actual menu. When Sam receives a text message and a text conversation takes place, the left side makes Sam beautiful and the right side frames the conversation, which feels very natural. Sound design is fine, but I don’t write much about music other than the intro songs. In fact, this is another reason why it’s become one of the most disappointing Dontnod games, the soundtrack. In their other adventure games, there is this transitional “slice of life” moment in a montage of characters in transit with poppies and sad indie music playing in the background.There were few of these moments Twin mirror.. I’m not sure if these scenes weren’t intended to be included in the game because they were supposed to be thrillers, or if they simply didn’t have the budget to add. In any case, they are missing and noticeable.

The last word
The twin mirror is a must-see. The story itself can be interesting, but the overall lack of content makes me wonder why I had a hard time making this game.for example Twin mirror Listed as a thriller, there’s nothing really thrilling about it.

– MonsterVine Rating: 2.5 out of 5 – Medicore

Twin Mirror Review – Dontnod Off

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