Twin Mirror Review-

After waking up in a hotel room early on in Twin Mirror, your shirt was bloody and the memories of what happened the night before were foggy. Developer Don’t Nod’s latest adventure isn’t like Whodunit at first, You are Hooray. Unfortunately, it’s more suspenseful than ever. Initially there was no shortage of conspiracy, but Twin Mirror’s lean execution time leaves room for fleshing out all the characters in a small town setting or introducing some form of misdirection into the mystery. Deprives the exposure of the last chapter of the actual weight, leaving little or astonishing as a result.

You play Sam Higgs, a research journalist who returned to the town of Basswood, West Virginia, after two years of absence when his friend Nick was killed in a tragic car accident. There is immediate hostility from the townspeople. Many of the townspeople blame the local economy, which is flagging Basswood, in Sam’s article revealing the shade standards of the local mining industry. This tension is further amplified by Sam’s fragile mental state. It is anthropomorphized by fictional twins acting as either angels or demons on their shoulders, and somehow steers him at an important joint that forms the bifurcated 6-hour story of a typical Twin Mirror. style.

The intensifying friction between Sam and the other half that caused his hallucinations turned out to be far more interesting than the interaction of any other character in Twin Mirror. Many of the supporting casts are drawn with the widest strokes, giving them only a small window of opportunity to get to know them. Also, in the days of this post-The Last of Us Part 2, both acting and motion capture often look significantly stiff, and timbres are often inconsistent between individual conversations. At one point, I was frustrated by cutting off the owner of a local coffee shop in the middle of a conversation, but when I started a new conversation shortly after that, I acted as if I hadn’t talked for years and shattered the moment. .. -A momentary illusion that my input has a lot of influence around me.

Problematic mind

Speaking of shattered illusions, Sam can retreat from reality to the “palace of the heart.” This is a dreamlike area where shimmering crystal debris is placed on a fragment of Sam’s memory. At first, these sections look like safe shelters, but as Sam’s anxiety intensifies during the course of his investigation, they quickly turn into nightmarish spaces. These sections consist of clumsy tracking sequences and oversimplified environmental puzzles, but their mood brings a horrifying welcome shock to the otherwise rather calm mood of Twin Mirror. .. I was disappointed that the opportunity was rarely given, as I was more attracted to exploring this expanse of another world than to peck at the sleepy town of Basswood.

Sam’s Palace of Mind can also be used as a tool on several occasions when a series of events at the crime scene need to be reconstructed. For example, at the scene of Nick’s car accident, how each permutation is performed by adjusting a set of variables, such as whether Nick is drunk or sober, or bent to escape an animal or a fallen tree. You can check if it is. .. The conclusions reached are always different, but only one is the correct conclusion to advance the story. In short, these crime scene recreations arbitrarily exchange individual components, making it less likely to draw unique conclusions. Understand correctly.

Twin Mirror Review Screenshot

I was disappointed that I didn’t have the actual deductions I needed, but at least I felt some agent during these reconstruction sequences. The same is not really true when it comes to collecting evidence for Twin Mirror. This will most likely result in shuffling a specific location, looking for a white button prompt in pixels for interactivity, and gradually checking everything before triggering. Reconstruction of the crime scene. There are some exceptions that require at least half the pondering, but most of these investigations, for example, scrutinizing the office for a combination in a vault, came across while Sam tweeted all his observations. The wisdom and insight of teenage tweets, including clicking all.

Pacman Fever

Perhaps the only big surprise I’ve found with Twin Mirror is its obvious respect for Pac-Man. Classic 80’s arcade pellet choppers are everywhere during business hours. Sam’s Palace of Hearts has a Pac-Man arcade machine, an important photo has a Pac-Man arcade machine, and a sticky note-reproduced Pac-Man character on the wall of a local newspaper. According to reports, local pubs have fully playable Pacman arcade machines.

Curiously, there are also clear similarities between Pac-Man and Sam. Sam, like Pac-Man, spends a lot of time wandering around in search of white spots. Sam, like Pac-Man, relies on pills to help confront the ghosts of the past. When Sam tries to leave the area of ​​study, he immediately returns to the same area, just like Pac-Man. And if I feel I’m overkill with this analogy, think about it. In an early flashback, Sam’s friend Nick tells Sam straight “much like Pac-Man.”

I don’t know how much of Pac-Man’s pizza-shaped existence is by design or by chance, but what I know is that the developers have drawn a lot of inspiration from 40 years. It’s been a lot more time spent on why it looks-an older arcade icon when creating a modern story-driven psychological thriller than I spent analyzing real plots. It could be because the central murder mystery of Twin Mirror is very simple, less surprising and surprisingly smaller in range. I played the story twice and made different decisions each time. The second ending revealed slightly more than the first ending, but neither reached a completely predictable conclusion that wasn’t met and couldn’t even blow the door out of the palace of my heart. ..

Apparently Twin Mirror was originally thought of as a three-part episode series before such a plan was abandoned to produce a single independent story, but what’s actually here is the final. It feels like a TV season that jumps directly from episode 3 to the season finale. You don’t have enough time to build story momentum, develop your character well, or ratchet suspense.


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