Twitch bans artificially inflated more than 7 million bots

The company says Twitch has provided a widespread ban on 7.5 million bot accounts that are contributing to “increasing fake engagement” on the platform.

The majority of these fake accounts engage in follow-botting or view-botting and violate Twitch’s Terms of Service. Twitch said on Twitter that it was detected by “continuously improving continuous machine learning technology.” As a result of this widespread ban, some streamers may have fewer followers or viewers. Twitch pointed out an article about fake engagement to affected streamers to find out more.

According to Twitch, fake engagement is “artificial inflation of channel statistics such as views and follow-up through adjustments and third-party tools.” This behavior includes follow-botting, view-botting, etc., and uses computer- or script-controlled accounts to tamper with channel statistics to make them look better than they look. Other methods are “Follow 4 Follow” (F4F), “Lurk 4 Lurk” (L4L), and “Host 4 Host” (H4H). In essence, “[s] Interactions for the purpose of increasing visibility of [some] “Channels rather than channels with legitimate interactions” can be determined as artificial channel inflation.

“Artificial involvement and botting are limiting the growth opportunities of legitimate broadcasters and damaging the entire community,” Twitch wrote in a help article. Streamers who organize or participate in the practice [the] “Account”, which may include an indefinite suspension.

This massive bot ban occurs because Twitch is cracking down on people engaged in cheating and harassment, even if the action takes place off-platform. The company has also added tools to help streamers deal with piracy.

In other Twitch news, variety streamer Ludwig Ahgren has more subscribers on the platform than streaming superstar Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. Ahgren hosts a month-long sub-ason.

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