Twitch has removed the “blind playthrough” tag in response to criticism from people with disabilities

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Since 2018, Twitch has a tag system that allows streamers to categorize broadcasts according to the content of the content, giving viewers a glimpse of what they are. Tags are also tied to Twitch’s still rudimentary (but increasingly prominent) recommendation system. Until very recently, “blind playthrough” was one of these official Twitch tags. But now that’s not the case.

“Blind playthrough” is intended to be applied the first time you run the game, and streamers often don’t want to spoil important story elements in chat or put off the game. Streamers and other content creators use this term quite often. However, Twitch recently removed the “blind playthrough” tag because of concerns about the language of discrimination against people with disabilities. Today, Erin “Aureylian” Wayne, Director of Twitch Community and Creator Marketing Approved change on Twitter..

“I’m glad Twitch shared their feedback and removed the’blind playthrough’tag to hear from everyone who encourages a more comprehensive language in the community,” she writes. “You can continue to use” First Playthrough “or you can use it in combination with” No Spoilers “with the same feelings. “

Previously, the “blind playthrough” tag was criticized for the implications of disability.For example, in June, Able Gamers COO and Twitch partner Steven Spohn Discussed tags in longer threads about disability terms and negative terms..

“Blind playthrough” or “go blind” can be easily replaced by saying “no spoiler playthrough” or “undiscovered” or “first” (first time). Blind playthrough is to turn off the monitor, which doesn’t mean much, “Spohn said. “Like we used to say’gay’when something went wrong, it’s common in today’s languages ​​to use disability terms as an alternative to negative situations and emotions. But just as we stopped saying gay in the sense of bad, we can stop saying these words. Think of the word you chose. “

As Spohn pointed out, this change is easy. The “first playthrough” not only avoids adding another drop to the sea of ​​disability-discriminatory words, but also makes more sense. If I were an outsider on Twitch, I think “blind playthrough” means a lot of things. The “first playthrough” is exactly what is written on the box. Someone plays the game for the first time.

However, some streamers are hoping for something a little more fulfilling from Twitch in the future.

“I wish they were tagged with a disability so that we could find more gamers with disabilities to network on Twitch.” Streamer and artist Dani Dawnstar said, Reflects not uncommon emotions in multiple marginalized communities on Twitch.

Spohn, whose organization regularly advises video game companies on this type of issue, believes things are heading in an encouraging direction.

“I’m happy to see Twitch fulfilling its promise to address and resolve issues and concerns from the disabled community.” Spawn said on Twitter today.. “It’s just the beginning.”

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