Twitch invalidates President Trump’s account and quotes “Incendiary Rhetoric”

After the riots at the US Capitol, Twitch followed the lead of other prominent social media companies to deactivate Trump’s account. In a Twitch statement, the president’s “incendiary rhetoric” was cited as the cause.

“In the light of yesterday’s shocking attack on the Capitol, we disabled President Trump’s Twitch channel,” the statement said. “Given the current anomalous situation and the rhetoric of the president’s incendiary, we believe this is a necessary step to protect our community and prevent Twitch from being used to incite further violence. I will. “

Twitch is the latest in a series of tech companies that have taken action against President Trump’s account following the riots that President Trump instigated. Twitter temporarily disabled the account for 12 hours, but Facebook banned him from both social media platforms and Snapchat “until the change of power” for at least the next two weeks. Shopify has also removed the branded playing card store.

The turmoil that broke out in the Capitol was a gathering of protesters who encouraged them to march in the Capitol weeks after President Trump advertised false allegations of fraudulent voting, and when Congress was counting election votes. It happened shortly after giving a speech to the crowd. Some lawmakers have suggested that the president’s rhetoric, often shared on social media platforms, contributed to the violence.

It’s unclear how long the Twitch ban will last. Last summer, Twitch banned Trump for “hate” and lifted the suspension two weeks later.

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