Twitch provides music publisher tools to detect song usage

Twitch signed a deal with the National Music Publishers Association after months of hostility between the music industry and Amazon-owned streaming giants. As Variety reported, this arrangement appears to be the basis of a partnership between Twitch and a music publisher, rather than a full license agreement.

In this announcement, Twitch said, “A new process that participating music rights owners can choose to report specific uses of music and deal with creators accidentally or accidentally using music in a stream. “Has been created.

According to the announcement, the deal between NMPA and Twitch will make it easier for music publishers to track and report streamers who use their music. The deal does not appear to immediately change the rules regarding streamer music use that had to deal with the DMCA removal onslaught over the past year.

The announcement also states that the deal will pave the way for some music publishers to opt in to potential collaborations with content creators. David Israelite, president and CEO of NMPA, said the deal would benefit both the music industry and the Twitch community while respecting the rights of songwriters. Most of the announcements describe the tools and benefits offered to music publishers, but don’t specify how this deal will help Twitch Streamers.

Twitch has had problems in the music industry in the past and has received a formal letter from the Recording Industry Association of America about piracy on its platform. Twitch muted a live Metallic concert during Blizzcon to avoid a DMCA strike.

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