Twitch ran into some issues after Fortnite’s Galactus event

Fortnite’s latest Marvel event, which brought the world-consuming Galactus to the game, was a big attraction, but it also seems to have caused some problems.

Streaming site Twitch reported that the platform had issues that led to “multiple service issues.” In some cases, this issue could prevent users from accessing and logging in to the site.

Thanks to Twitch users. The issue was fixed within an hour After they were first widely reported. Twitch should be working fine, but as always, mileage can be different.

The Galactus event lays the groundwork for Season 5 but you can’t play anymore until Season 5 begins overnight. This is because Fortnite has gone offline and can no longer be played. When you launch the game, you will see a countdown to the new season. The only option is to exit.

For more information on Galactus events, check out a summary of how everything in GameSpot went down.

再生中: シーズン5を設定するFortniteGalactusイベント


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