Twitch star Ludwig is moving the stream to YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming has welcomed a new star to the popular streamer that started on Twitch, streamer Ludwig Ahgren. He has consistently become famous for his entertaining streams and ridiculous 31-day streaming marathons.Ludwig announced the move to YouTube on Monday Short skit It ends with the YouTube Gaming brand and the name of his channel.

When Ludwig and his friends are driving, the skit itself begins innocently with some irreverent jokes. Eventually, when they stopped the car and got off, they found that it was purple all the time. After joking a few more times, the purple car exploded, and Ludwig and his friends got into the red car and commented that it was basically the same car anyway. When Ludwig turns on the radio, his friend asks if he has any problems playing music and Ludwig replies, “I’m not in this car.” (The DMCA music issue on Twitch over the last few years isn’t too subtle.)

Ludwig started streaming in 2019 and gained followers in 2020, but his true breakthrough didn’t happen until 2021. Earlier this year, Ludwig organized a tired “Sub-Ason” that promised to continue streaming as long as viewers subscribed. What started as a bit, including sleeping in the stream, quickly grew into a one-month livestreaming phenomenon, reaching Streamer’s voluntary 31-day limit. During that stretch, Ludwig managed to set a new personal subscriber record for Twitch at 283,066. Since then, Ludwig has been one of Twitch’s most successful and popular personalities.

Ludwig is hugely popular on Twitch, but even before it became the official streaming platform, its presence on YouTube was impressive. Ludwig’s channel currently has 2.07 million subscribers on YouTube, before his first stream began.

Ludwig’s YouTube stream begins on November 30th in the Q & A segment.

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