Twitch subscriptions are now cheaper in the UK

Twitch has reduced streamer subscription prices for UK users. This change is part of a pricing revision made by Twitch and is designed to “more closely match local pricing” with local pricing. As a result, the subscription, which was previously £ 4.99, is now £ 3.99.

By the way, the cost of a subscription in the US is US $ 5. The exchange rate means that UK subscribers had previously paid about $ 7 to subscribe to the same streamer.

The United Kingdom and Europe are the latest in price change slate that began in Mexico and Turkey in May and continued throughout Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. In some countries, such as Thailand, subscription prices have dropped by as much as 57%.

Some streamers have expressed concern that low costs will dig into profits and make it difficult for smaller streamers to regularly reach the $ 100 lower limit when cashing out revenue from Twitch. I am.and Regularly updated posts explaining changes to the Twitch blog, Streaming services say they saw more users subscribing as a result of cheaper prices.

In Mexico and Turkey, I read the post, “Audiences are giving five times the sub-price compared to three months before the local sub-pricing.” “Currently, more creators are making sub-revenues and more viewers are supporting their favorite channels overall. These results confirm that low prices help subscribers grow. “Twitch also Guarantee a certain portion of revenue to Twitch creators If you meet certain eligibility requirements for 3 months after the local price change.

Unfortunately Best Twitch Channel This is all controversial anyway, as we haven’t accepted the subscription yet.

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