Twitch sues two hate crimes

Taking a legal route against hate speech on the platform, Twitch is suing two individuals allegedly involved in creating and promoting hate speech to multiple creators.

Twitch has always been plagued by toxic chat, comments that attack marginalized creators based on race, gender, and gender, but these days, such activity has intensified into a “hate attack.” .. The perpetrators of the hatred raid usually use bots to overwhelm the chat with harmful words at a speed that exceeds the ability of the streamer to moderate the chat.

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Cramps Admitted the problem of hatred raids-Along with a campaign by Twitch Streamer who asked the company to do more about the assault on hatred-and promised it was looking for a solution. Currently, in a proceeding filed on September 9, Twitch nominates Cruzzcontrol and Createine ​​overdose as two individuals who created bots and launched multiple hatred raids against racial minorities and LGBTQ + community members. Did.

The company claimed that it “taken prompt action against the defendant by suspending the defendant’s known Twitch account and eventually banning it permanently.” However, the two individuals continued to create new accounts and change the “hate raid code” to avoid detection and outages.

Therefore, the proceedings are an attempt to resolutely end the defendant’s participation and the creation of a hatred raid. Twitch believes Cruzzcontrol is in the Netherlands and Creatine overdose is now in Austria. The real names of both individuals are currently unknown.

Twitch streamers are dissatisfied with the seemingly slow response of the platform to the influx of hatred raids. On September 1, Twitch Streamer appealed to the solution platform and organized a one-day Twitch boycott called #ADayoffTwitch to pressure the company to do more with the influx of Haytrade. The campaign was a follow-up to #TwitchDoBetter, who also wanted to provide tools to left-behind creators to protect themselves from hate speech attacks.Cramps Reply to Twitter campaign He promised that he would “update the filter for banned words throughout the site” and actively seek to prevent hatred attacks by continuously removing identified bots.

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