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Two beaten TSX shares postponed due to upward surge

NS TSX index Ridiculous Intermittent Recent and negative sales pressures are showing no signs of slowing, at least soon.Still, the recent 5% pullback on the S & P 500 is due to Canadian investors portfolio There are some more hit growth stocks, many of which are much lower than the market index.

Beaten TSX stock worth scooping

Undoubtedly, some names have already been fixed (this is a 10% drop). Others are in the bear market territory, and some names already shed more than 30% of their value. So don’t conclude that there are zero opportunities just because the TSX index is only a few percent away from record highs. If you are actually a stock picker, you have a lot of options on this side of the border. And in this piece, I’ll look at two growing plays that I think the upward bumps could be delayed in the next 12-18 months.

Badger Infrastructure Solution

Badger Infrastructure Solution (TSX: BDGI)Formerly known as Badger Daylighting, is a unique play that has been completely hit in the last few months. The company operates a mobile non-destructive soil drilling service. In essence, if a company needs a way to dig up buried infrastructure or lay out new underground assets, Badger can step up to the plate to provide such services.

Well, digging up the ground is not a sexy business. It’s literally a dirty business, and some growth investors may find its name incredibly dull. Still, boring growth can be attractive growth, at least for the outstanding Warren Buffett followers. Badgers are easy to understand, but financially sensitive. Today, the economy is booming and is recovering from the coronavirus recession. Still, badger stocks, among some other suboptimal numbers, have really fallen due to weaker margins than expected in recent quarters.

The tide has changed, and badger followers think that if management can solve small problems, it can be quite profitable. The macro background still looks good, so if we can record a quarter of the subtly good results, I think the stock could skyrocket above $ 40.


Blackberry (TSX: BB)(NYSE: BB) Is a Canadian tech giant that has moved from smartphones to providers of enterprise software and cybersecurity solutions. The latter industry is one of the hottest industries in the tech sector these days, and all cyber threats endanger customers of fairly large enterprises.

Cybersecurity is no longer just an extra cost. It is essential to the company’s reputation. A company’s reputation is definitely more valuable than its assets. Ask Warren Buffett. Development is difficult and repairs after an accident can be difficult.

As BlackBerry’s enterprise suite grows, I find it difficult to keep BB inventories under control. Analysts are bearish on the name for $ 12 and it’s calm to change. Within COVID, it was difficult to achieve organic growth. Still, if management can move things in the right direction, I think the power of the industry can drive BlackBerry to the next level of revenue growth. And so stocks that may be ready to rise steadily.

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Stupid contributor Joey Frenet There are no positions in any of the listed stocks. Motley Fool recommends BlackBerry.

Two beaten TSX shares postponed due to upward surge Two beaten TSX shares postponed due to upward surge

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