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Two Canada’s Top Growth Stocks Best for Investor TFSA

Investing in TFSA should be a long-term retirement plan for most Canadians. Indeed, looking at what’s happening south of the border with capital gains tax increases should make Canadians tremble. Of course, when the United States sneezes, Canada catches a cold.

Now, it may be premature to come to the conclusion that Canada may follow suit with capital gains tax increases. But the Trudeau government is borrowing money like it’s obsolete. Investors should not forget that this borrowing is a debt that needs to be repaid by current or future generations. Therefore, tax planning is becoming much more important around the world.

Therefore, the tax-exempt capital gains gained from TFSA are more important than ever. Here are two top growth picks that I think will provide Canadian investors with a great capital valuation for TFSA over the long term.

Constellation software

I personally think Constellation software (TSX: CSU) It belongs to all TFSA.

this Gem of growth Year after year, it continues to produce amazing results. Constellation achieves this through an impressive acquisition growth strategy based on a prudent M & A investment standard. The company integrates highly fragmented industries, selects the best small businesses with the right ratings, and grows them into impressive cash flow machines.

Some may wonder if Constellation has a runway to keep this kind of growth going. After all, at some point, all companies will run out of acquired companies.

That is the beauty of Constellation’s business model. Today, more companies are entering the market than ever can be acquired. Constellation has thousands of targets to pursue, choosing only the best of the best. It’s a great-sized conglomerate and has the potential to continue to grow forever at this rate.

To be sure, the company’s track record of more than 500 acquisitions has been excellent. I haven’t seen anything that suggests that the next 500 will underperform. Therefore, this is currently a noteworthy growth stock for all TFSA investors.

Spin master

Discretionary spending is set to increase significantly. When you get out of this pandemic, the cash savings you’ve accumulated over the last few months are unleashed on the market.Therefore, the toy maker Spin master (TSX: TOY) It represents an intriguing consumer discretionary play in this environment.

However, as mentioned earlier, Spin Master is more than just a toy company. An entertainment company for children. And Spin Master is making a bold move in the digital space these days.

The company’s digital gaming segment is the company’s main growth catalyst, which has finally begun to be priced. SpinMaster recorded a staggering 400% year-on-year growth in the digital gaming segment.Popular apps such as Toka Life World Popular with consumers, Spin Master continues to hit home runs by providing the content that the user base wants.

Therefore, I am very bullish on the long-term potential of Spin Master in terms of growth. This is a company that holds a great brand and IP. However, it is also the company that leverages these intangibles in both physical and digital distribution channels. Here is the innovation of Spin Master.

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Stupid contributor Chris McDonald There are no positions in any of the listed stocks. Motley Fool owns and recommends shares in Constellation Software and Spin Master.

Two Canada’s Top Growth Stocks Best for Investor TFSA Two Canada’s Top Growth Stocks Best for Investor TFSA

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