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Two growth stocks to buy and hold forever

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2022 begins, S & P / TSX Comprehensive Index Despite all the challenges associated with the pandemic, we recorded a very strong year. Canada’s Benchmark Index did not end the year with very bright notes. At the time of writing, the index has risen 21.12% so far, but has fallen by more than 2% from its latest high in November 2021.

Despite all the fluctuations in the weeks leading up to 2022, TSX has shown us that even the global health crisis is not enough to stop its growth.The Market instability It can raise a lot of concerns for investors towards the New Year. However, if the pandemic situation improves slightly from 2021, the Canadian stock market could rise further this year.

Market volatility can last for a few more weeks, but investors who can overcome some instability may not be willing to look for growth opportunities that could yield higher returns than the market. Hmm.Today we will discuss two such things Canadian growth stock You can consider adding it to your investment portfolio.

Constellation software

Constellation software (TSX: CSU) Is a Canadian tech stock and may not be as well known as other growth stocks in the tech industry, but if you’re interested in wealth growth, it’s an investment you can’t shrug. The technology sector boasts many super-growth names, and Constellation Software is not one of them. Constellation Software is a $ 49.27 billion market capitalization company founded by former venture capitalist Mark Leonard.

The company has acquired the vertical market software business, growing it through experienced management and driving its growth. Over the last five years, Constellation Software’s shares have consistently brought shareholders a 30% return.Although it may not provide rapid growth Shopify Constellation Software is a technology stock that has the potential to bring significant long-term benefits.


goeasy (TSX: GSY) A $ 2.91 billion market capitalization alternative finance company headquartered in Mississauga. We operate three business segments that provide loans to subprime mortgage borrowers who cannot secure loans from traditional Canadian lenders. In a pandemic, the business is growing rapidly by providing high-interest loans that bring large profit margins to companies.

Rising inflation and Omicron variants have added considerable instability to the stock market. Such an operating environment brings more business to subprime mortgage lenders. In 2022, the country could be fully reopened, which could lead to a surge in personal consumption. Coupled with rising inflation, demand for goeasy’s services may increase and revenue may increase.

Stupid takeaway

If you already have a balanced and voluntary portfolio and want to add some growth to it, choosing the right growth stock from TSX can provide the boost you need. Keep in mind that investing in growth stocks always carries a significant degree of capital risk. However, if you create a risk calculated by the appropriate company, Star Shareholder Return..

Constellation Software and goeasy stocks could be a good addition to the investment portfolio for this purpose.

Two growth stocks to buy and hold forever Two growth stocks to buy and hold forever

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