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Two high-yielding dividend stocks to buy today

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Every Canadian who starts trading on the stock market dreams of becoming a successful investor, but the approach to success can vary from investor to investor, depending on what their goals and objectives are. I have. Many investors want to make quick profits through higher risk investments.

This approach may work if you can invest in a high-growth company that has been able to make a big profit, but it may not be suitable for everyone.

If you want to enjoy sustainable and long-term wealth growth as a stock market investor, it is important to properly balance your portfolio. Dividend investment It’s a great way for investors to enjoy the rewards of their investment while waiting for capital gains.

I will discuss two things today High-yield dividend stock For significant long-term wealth growth, you need to buy to take advantage of the bloated dividend yield and capital gains.


Embridge (TSX: ENB)(NYSE: ENB) It is a top pick for many Canadian investors seeking dividend stocks that offer high but sustainable dividend yields. The $ 103.01 billion market capitalization energy infrastructure company trades in writing for $ 50.85 per share and boasts a juicy 6.57% dividend yield.

The attractive dividend yield of the Embridge stock alone will make it an excellent option for investors. Coupled with a solid growth outlook, it is unwise not to buy stock at current prices. Analysts expect the company to record adjusted revenues of more than 15% higher in 2021 after recovering from the challenges of a pandemic with revenues down 8.7% in 2020.

Embridge shares have so far increased by 24.48% after a strong recovery in the energy sector this year and could bring significant shareholder returns through capital gains and credible shareholder dividends.

Penbina pipeline

Penbina pipeline (TSX: PPL)(NYSE: PBA) Is another top pick for income-seeking Canadian investors and is popular with long-term investors seeking monthly income. Energy carriers boast a market capitalization of $ 22.35 billion. At the time of writing, the shares are trading at $ 40.64 per share, paying shareholders a juicy 6.20% yield.

Unlike many of its competitors in the energy sector, the Penvina pipeline does not have an oil production business. Instead, it focuses primarily on energy transport and the provision of midstream services. Fluctuations in commodity prices do not have a significant impact on profits, but reduced demand for commodities has caused many problems for the company.

The growing demand for services that will resume the global economy has allowed the company to quickly recover from the pandemic downturn.As the world slowly transitions into the post-pandemic era, the stronger outlook for the energy sector will be one of the best dividend-paying stocks you can find. TSX just now.

Stupid takeaway

By investing in dividend stocks, you can make big profits through capital gains as the stock price rises and your account balance is cashed back through shareholder dividends. You can choose to reinvest dividends through a dividend reinvestment plan to unleash the power of compound interest and accelerate wealth growth.

Choose a high-quality company with an economical moat large enough to survive the harsh operating environment Consistent return The key to maximizing your investment capital for long-term success. Enbridge and Pembina Pipeline shares could be ideal assets to buy and hold for this purpose.

Two high-yielding dividend stocks to buy today Two high-yielding dividend stocks to buy today

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