Two major BioWare leads leave the studio

BioWare’s Casey Hudson (General Manager) and Mark Darrah (Dragon Age: Inquisition Executive Producer) are leaving the studio for a new generation of developers.

“This is not an easy decision. Such a big change always comes with some sadness,” Hudson wrote in a farewell post on the BioWare blog. “I miss being able to work with exciting developers every day on the biggest and most exciting project I can imagine, but for both myself and BioWare, this is a good time for change. I know.”

Dollar reiterated Hudson’s feelings, saying he was confident in BioWare’s pedigree as a studio and that the Dragon Age series was confident that he would live without leading development.

“This was a very difficult decision for me,” Dollar wrote in goodbye. “A team of great developers at Dragon Age makes my life richer and better. They taught me a lot, but the strength of the team also makes this possible. I know that Dragon Age can’t survive without me. It will thrive. “

Dollar and Hudson have been with BioWare for almost 20 years, Dollar worked as the lead programmer for the Baldur’s Gate series, and Hudson started out as a technical artist for MDK2.

Hudson previously left BioWare in August 2014 and then joined Microsoft Studios (now Xbox Game Studios) as a creative director in May 2015. After a brief mission there, Hudson returned to BioWare as General Manager in July 2017, replacing his successor, Aaryn Flynn. ..

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