Two of the old Grasshopper games will be released on Switch next year

Earlier in May of this year, legendary video game designer Goichi Suda mentioned how interested in releasing some of the older titles of Grasshopper Manufacture on Nintendo Switch.

One of the games he mentioned when he had a “more realistic” chance to appear in a hybrid system was Grasshopper’s 1999 adventure visual novel. The Silver Case..

Now, just a few months later, multiple online lists in Japan have been revealed The· Silver 2425 I’m heading for the switch. This two-in-one package includes the original title of Grasshopper, The Silver Case and a remake of the sequel. Silver Case 25th Ward: Silver Case..

Silver 2425

These games have previously been localized and released on PlayStation 4 and PC, and the Nintendo Switch version of Playism will be available in Japan on February 18th next year for ¥ 6,578.

This is the inside story of the original game (via Steam):

1999 – 24 wards of Tokyo. The city has been plagued by a series of serial murders. The detectives of the violent crime unit in District 24 are aiming at a particular suspect. It is a legendary serial killer and a legendary perpetrator who assassinated a high-ranking government official 20 years ago in the now-famous “Silver Case.” But no one knows who or what Kamui really is. Is this really the Second Coming of Kamui? Who is this infamous serial killer, and what is his end?

Control the protagonist (a member of the special forces known as the “Republic”) from a first-person perspective, dig deep underground into the 24th district, and unravel the various interrelated mysteries that the police themselves encounter throughout the game. .. Inspired by classic adventure and visual novel-style games, neo-noir and hard-boiled detective films, The Silver Case is a unique and innovative gameplay experience that tells a deep and fascinating story full of puzzles and mysteries. To provide. Gradually reveal the truth as you struggle to survive in this dark and dangerous world where your stakes are even higher than it looks!

In related news, last weekend’s engine game revealed that it would be happy to discuss bringing it in with Suda51. Killer7 To the switch. You can read more about this in the previous article.

If you hear anything about the Silver 2425 Western release, we’ll let you know right away.

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