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Two shares owned for reliable monthly income

Income investors who prefer to take advantage of shareholder dividends prefer to invest in a company that can offer monthly payments at a decent yield.Many listed companies listed TSX We provide shareholders with shareholder dividends, but in most cases we pay quarterly.

If you want to generate monthly income from your investment, I will discuss two Dividend stock That you can invest today for a reliable monthly income.The companies I discuss have a reputation for offering to their shareholders Regular dividend Resilience cash flow to comfortably fund future payments.


AltaGas (TSX: ALA) Is a low-risk business that owns and manages a portfolio of utility assets that generate predictable cash flow. The company provides shareholders with monthly shareholder dividends that allow them to comfortably raise funds with predictable earnings. AltaGas shares are traded in writing for $ 26.20 per share and offer a substantially guaranteed juicy 3.82% dividend yield.

As we operate in a highly regulated industry, AltaGas can be expected to continue to offer regular and virtually guaranteed monthly payments. The company’s growth-based and high-growth middle-class businesses can improve performance, accelerate growth over the next few years, and bring significant wealth growth to investors through capital gains in the long run.

TransAlta Renewables

TransAlta Renewables (TSX: RNW) If you’re looking for a monthly dividend paying stock, it’s another ideal stock to consider. TransAlta Renewables has increased its dividends at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3% over the past eight years, boasting sustainable payment rates. The shares are traded in writing for $ 19.91 per share and pay a monthly dividend with a juicy 4.72% annual dividend yield.

The company leverages highly contracted renewable energy power generation assets to generate revenue and cash flow. As the demand for renewable energy grows year by year, the company will only grow revenue in the next few years. The company can be expected to continue to provide solid shareholder interests through monthly dividends, capital gains, and potentially more future dividend payments.

Stupid takeaway

Becoming a stock market investor who makes a fair amount of money on a passive monthly income does not necessarily mean that you need a lot of money in the first place. Finding the right assets, starting your investment early, and contributing to your investment portfolio on a regular basis can lead to significant passive income.

With monthly dividend stocks like AltaGas and TransAltaRenewables, you can consider reinvesting dividend income through a dividend reinvestment plan to unleash the power of compound interest to accelerate wealth growth.

Once you have enough income, you can start collecting dividends in cash. Monthly passive income From your investment.

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Two shares owned for reliable monthly income Two shares owned for reliable monthly income

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