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With Ben Simmons Sixers It’s so thick that it fills the air. At some point, you need to give something, which will probably come in the form of trade.

That trade is probably not possible It will be held until the deadline of December 15th Once the 2021 free agent signers are able to trade, that means our nasty Philadelphia standoffs can take months to come. But over time, the Sixers will be on the lookout for a handful of teams that may be at stake that require major changes and desperate deals for Simmons.

Ben Simmons and the Sixers want a split, but there are waiting games that need to be played. Until then, these two teams are noteworthy.

So far, Simmons has sat down with the intention of never playing for the Philadelphia 76ers or even stepping into their facility. He was willing to pay any fines needed to prevent him from having to face his devil again in Philadelphia. At least until he was actually fined, and then he rushed back to Philadelphia to report.

Since then, he has been expelled from practice because he was unable to attend training as directed by the Dock Rivers head coach, was fined again, spoke to his team, and was evaluated by medical professionals for his mental condition. I’m trying. It was a week of fuss for the young man and the team he was contractually obliged to play for another four years and $ 143 million.

The Sixers are waiting for the December 15 deadline, while preventing Simmons from completely poisoning the well, so let’s take a look at some of the teams that both parties are enthusiastically watching.

The Sixers are probably not interested in dealing with teams that they may have to face in the playoffs, so they could rule out their opponents at the Eastern Conference. Therefore, for the purposes of the exercise, both teams described here are Western Conference teams.

Get off to a great start with the West Team: Golden State Warriors.

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Two teams for the Sixers and Ben Simmons to monitor trades Two teams for the Sixers and Ben Simmons to monitor trades

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