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Two TSX Dividend Shares to Buy for Lifetime Passive Income

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NS S & P / TSX Comprehensive Index Last week it rebounded and hit a record high with strong earnings reports. Many companies continue to make more money than expected, TSX I am benefiting today. Some of these include dividend stocks that investors should pay attention to.

TSX continues to trade at high prices and dividend stocks are rising, but some companies are still buying big. For example, if a Motley Fool investor has a Tax Exempt Savings Account (TFSA), they can hide strong stocks for decades. That’s all except guaranteeing a stellar return over the next few years. As long as you choose the right stock.

If you are looking for passive income, today I will discuss two powerful dividend stocks that can be generated Return value For years, even if Motley Fool investors don’t buy in a plunge.


BCE (TSX: BCE)(NYSE: BCE) Is Canada’s largest telecommunications company, accounting for about 60% of the market at the time of writing. In addition to providing wireless, internet and television services, it also has major media companies. However, such dividend stocks are growing, deploying 5G networks and fiber-to-the-home networks. When completed, this will provide all long-term revenue at a lower price for the company. It will boost long-term revenue and attract more customers.

The company’s previous financial report was strong. Net income increased incredibly 149.7% year-on-year, despite many Canadians renegotiating terms last year. Adjusted earnings per share (EPS) increased 31.7% year-on-year and consolidated sales growth increased 6.4%.

The stock is currently trading at $ 63.18 in writing and today’s TSX has a strong dividend yield of 5.54%. Earnings will be announced on November 4th, which could be a great opportunity to acquire shares before earnings Boost‘.

TC Energy

Pipeline companies are slowly but surely learning that it’s time to change or fail.One of these companies TC Energy (TSX: TRP)(NYSE: TRP).. Not only does it have a long-term contract pipeline with decades of growth in mind, but it can also support passive income like any other dividend stock by finding future initiatives.

One of these initiatives is Penbina pipeline Create an Alberta carbon grid. This will help increase the use of the pipeline in the future. Several clean energy initiatives are also underway to achieve growth in that area.

It was another dividend stock that saw strong growth in the last quarter. Net income was $ 892 million, equivalent income was $ 1 billion, and EBITDA was $ 2.2 billion. There are also many books for future growth.

The stock is currently trading at $ 68.06 at the time of writing and today’s TSX has a strong dividend yield of 5.12%. Again, revenue was set on November 5th, and now is a great time to jump into revenue growth.

Stupid takeaway

BCE and TC Energy are strong dividend stocks that Motley Fool investors should consider. If you’re worried about market volatility, passive income will prepare you for life. And these two companies have a long history of growth in both equities and dividends.

Keeping these in TFSA allows you to withdraw cash when your goals are met. Tax-free.. Making a plan is very important. And by putting these stocks in the wheelhouse, you can generate bonds.

Two TSX Dividend Shares to Buy for Lifetime Passive Income Two TSX Dividend Shares to Buy for Lifetime Passive Income

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