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A new footage of Jake Paul’s Tyron Woodley knockout has arrived.

Prior to the fight, YouTuber claimed that “I’m angry with him,” and it was Saturday night when he landed the devastating right hand he first dropped Woodley on the canvas in Round 6. Exactly what he did.

In the live broadcast, the shot looked pretty cruel, Video taken from the ring side Now available online, it shows the true range of Paul’s devastating knockout blows-check it out.

What’s next to Jake Paul?

With the biggest win in his career and the conversion of a former Disney actor to a pay-per-view boxing star, the opportunities are truly endless.Paul revealed his intentions at a post-war press conference when he requested. UFC President Dana White allows him to fight some of his biggest stars.

“I knocked out just five UFC champions and embarrassed your entire company,” Paul said. “Get Kamaru Usman, Nate Diaz, Jorge Masvidal, Conor McGregor. I’m embarrassed. I promise you that, Dana. I give it to you. I promise.”

It seems unlikely that White will allow any of those fighters to play against Paul while they are contracting. Diaz has only one fight left in his current contract and seems uninterested in resigning MMA’s premier promotion. So he could really be an option for Paul who can rebook the fight with Tommy Fury.

Who wants to see Jake Paul fight next?

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Tyron Woodley’s Jake Paul’s brutal KO ringside footage Tyron Woodley’s Jake Paul’s brutal KO ringside footage

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