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Deontay Wilder will face British WBC champion Tyson Fury at the WBC World Heavyweight Championship on July 24th in Las Vegas. Prior to the boxing match, they held an unstoppable press conference staring at each other.But it was canceled after Tyson Fury tested COVID-19 positive. Tyson Fury also previously leaked bad news related to Wilder’s health.

Tyson Fury spoke during ritual weighing prior to his third boxing match against Deontay Wilder, revealing that he would decimate his opponent completely in a brutal way.

“That means the complete erasure of the set of documents. Wipe out. That’s what it means to me. 277 pounds, after this battle I’m going to put him in the royal hospital. Don’t worry about that. … It looks like he was badly hurt on the floor, shattered a bit, and struck by an 18-wheel truck. He complained last time that his skull was cracked and his arm was injured. Really Saturday night. I can’t wait. After the battle, he becomes unrecognizable. His little cute wife does not recognize him after the battle. “

In the long-awaited boxing match, you have to wait for which of the two large fighters will win.

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Tyson Fury Drops Deontay Wilder’s Wife’s Bomb Tyson Fury Drops Deontay Wilder’s Wife’s Bomb

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