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Francis Ngannou won a major UFC 270 battle with Ciryl Gane on Saturday night, but his fight for contractual status is getting hotter. Defense against Ngannou marked the final battle of Ngannou’s contract. However, with Ngannou winning, the Champion clause begins and keeps the “Predator” three more times or a year.

According to Ngannou, his contract expires in December 2022. And given that he fought with a blown knee that would take most of the year to heal, it’s likely he couldn’t return to the Octagon before then, if he so desires. ..

It’s unclear what will happen next.Ngannou seems to wait and then leave, but the UFC always seems to understand Some legal tricks or something else To prevent top fighters from going out of the organization and building banks. And don’t make a mistake: that’s exactly what happens here.

There is already a super fight brew between Ngannou and heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury. Sure, Ngannou would be crazy in the boxing ring, but he wouldn’t stop the fight from making a lot of money. Lots of money to go to the fighter.

Following the battle, Tyson Fury again issued an invitation to the battle, saying, “If you want to make real money, come see the goalkeeper,” also known as “Gipsy Kings.”

Ngannou was ready with a mockup poster.

The heavyweight boxing scene is now full of money. Tyson Fury earned more than $ 25 million in the last two battles with Deontay Wilder. The battle for heavyweight unification between Fury and Oleksandr Usyk will make even more.Consider this: Boxing promoters Preparing to pay $ 20 million to Anthony Joshua It just abandons the immediate rematch clause with Usyk in order to bring about the battle of Fury.

Well … compare Francis Ngannou to make $ 600,000 in the front end of the UFC deal and a few dollars every time pay-per-view is sold. Experts estimate that he is unlikely to break $ 5 million to defend against Ciryl Gane. It’s no wonder he wants to go boxing, between the rewards he had for UFC management and the well-known difficulties.

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Tyson Fury invites Francis Ngannou to “make real money” in boxing Tyson Fury invites Francis Ngannou to “make real money” in boxing

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