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Tyson Kidd recently appeared Drop kick podcast Davey Boy Smith Jr. talked in detail about the possibility of returning to WWE.

Previous partners hosted the WWE Tag Team Championship almost 10 years ago. Smith has been wrestling around the world since leaving WWE in 2011. He ran for a long time in Japan and recently worked here in Major League Wrestling (MLW) in the United States.

Smith recently ended up in MLW And now weigh his next move. Tyson Kidd says he’s trying to convince Smith to return to WWE. However, Smith is a strong-willed person, not easily convinced, and has to make his own decisions.

“I’m waiting for this guy to come back,” Kid said. “He’s funny. He’s always this whole of his life and it’s all his credit. He’s as usual-and I mean this positively-on his own drums. Marching to the beat, he does his own thing. He doesn’t shake easily, that’s what I really like about him. Not only did he talk to him one day, he said, “Hey here. If you say “come back”, he will be “ok” and come back and be unhappy a month later. He weighs everything and puts a lot of thought into everything he does. “

The arrival of Davey Boy Smith Jr.

As Tyson Kidd wants Davey Boy Smith Jr. to return to WWE, he admits it’s far from certain.

“So I don’t know where he’s going to be honest at this point,” he said. “The sky is the limit for him. He’s 6 feet 5. He’s a third generation. I think he’s been away for nine years, too long. In those nine years he found himself. I think he’s changed a lot, and the company has changed a lot. If everything is adjusted correctly, there can be a lot of synergies. “

Kid presented Smith’s possible scenarios at WWE. Aside from Raw and SmackDown, he can have a big impact on NXT. He could see Smith go to NXT UK and become the top man there before moving to the primary NXT brand.

Wherever Davey Boy Smith Jr. ends, Tyson Kidd wants him to be happy.

“I want him to come back, but above all, anything that makes him happy.”

You can hear Tyson Kidd appearing on the Dropkick podcast with the player embedded below.

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Tyson Kidd returns Davey Boy Smith Jr. to WWE Tyson Kidd returns Davey Boy Smith Jr. to WWE

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