Ubisoft announced this Thursday that Skull & Bones will unveil an event-

Ubisoft Skull & Bones This Thursday, the action of the pirate game will be unveiled prior to its November release.

The release will be released this Thursday at 19:00. It also features “new gameplay, a unique approach to piracy, and a behind-the-scenes monopoly with developers.”

It’s also worth pointing out that the show actually starts at 18:45. Apparently, it comes with a “surprise-filled pre-show”.

Please check Reveal the following video linkIt comes back to life at night:

The description is as follows:

“Enter the dangerous paradise of Skull & Bones, overcome the odds, stand up from the exiles and become a notorious pirate. Gather your own formidable fleet and use it to create new challenges and stories each season. Build your empire in a world of internal organs that introduces features. Gather resources, build tools and weapons, build ships and make your name infamous. From the African coast to the tropical islands of the East Indian Ocean. Establish a pirate network and build your own empire on a journey to rule the Indian Ocean. “

Skull & Bones It’s one of those games that seems to exist forever.It was announced many years ago and was also playable at E3 2017 — and Pretty good, according to VideoGamer’s account.. 1 week ago There was a leak on November 8th in the game Release date.

Ubisoft announces Skull & Bones reveal event this Thursday

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