Ubisoft removes Managing Director of Skull & Bones Studios nominated for alleged sexual misconduct •

“The results of the leadership audit … make it impossible for him to continue in this position.”

Ubisoft reportedly removed another member of its senior management team, this time Hugues Ricour, managing director of Singapore Studios, a publisher currently working on Skull & Bones, following the results of a “leadership audit.” I am.

Ricoeur was one of the summer choices for several Ubisoft employees to file allegations of serious sexual misconduct against senior members of the staff. According to reports by Gama Sutra and Kotaku, sources accused Rikul of bullying, insulting comments, retaliation, and sexual harassment-he made thought-provoking comments about the clothing of female employees and told staff at work events. It is said that he advised him to kiss.

In a new email to Ubisoft staff that Kotaku saw, the publisher confirmed that Ricour had been removed from its current position and wrote: “Hugues Ricour is no longer the managing director of Ubisoft Singapore. A leadership audit conducted at Ubisoft Singapore has made it impossible for him to continue in this position for the past few weeks by external partners.” It is unknown if it remains in the company.

Ubisoft announced in July that it would investigate all allegations made by employees and audit existing policies, processes and systems with the help of a professional external consultant. “We are committed to taking all appropriate disciplinary actions.”

Since then, the company has experienced many high-profile resignations, resignations, and suspensions involving senior executives, including Splinter Cell and Far Cry creative director Maxime Béland, vice president Tommy Francois, and marketer Andrien Gbinigie. I will. Assassin’s Creed Valhara’s creative director Ashraf Ismail also resigned after allegations surrounding his personal life were posted on Twitter.

With the latest information on “cultural change” shared last month, publishers said, “The actions and resources needed to address these issues, including compulsory sexism and harassment prevention training and hiring new VPs. Introduced. ” An overview of Global Diversity & Inclusion, and the establishment of a Content Review Committee “to ensure that the Group’s content and product marketing is in line with Ubisoft’s respect and fair values.”

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