Ubisoft waits a month to launch Assassin’s Creed Valhara XP booster

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What do you do when you start Assassin’s Creed The game includes the option for customers to pay $ 10 to speed up their level, elicit all sorts of negative reactions (often suspicious, cautious), and then start a new game. Assassin’s Creed Two years later? Would you like to relaunch with that controversial paid booster? Not perfect. For publisher Ubisoft, we’ll initially omit the $ 10 XP booster (yes!) And add it a month after the release (hmm).

yesterday, Assassin’s Creed ValharaTwo premium boosters have been added to our online store. For $ 10, players can supercharge their character’s experience gains by 50% permanently. They can pay an additional $ 10 to buy a $ 15 bundle that can do the same as the amount of in-game currency they earn, or do both.

Earn XP with Valhalla Players will earn points that can be spent on improving the character’s offensive and defensive statistics, as well as perks that make the character more powerful.

Two years ago, Assassin’s Creed OdysseyDesigner was denied He said the boosters influenced the design of the game and did not slow down the speed at which the character became stronger in order to direct people to buy boosters.

Today, a Ubisoft representative said the same thing ValhallaBooster: “XP Booster didn’t affect the design of the game.”

2018 Assassin's Creed Odyssey XP and Money Booster

2018 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey XP and Money Booster
screenshot: Ubisoft / Kotaku

It’s plausible ValhallaThe designer has calculated the speed at which the character will improve in-game without considering paid boosters.Character progress Valhalla Players climb hundreds of levels per quest, so it’s constant.

It’s also plausible Odyssey, By playing the game with the omnivorous desires of the main quest and side quests, players were able to comfortably improve their character without paying boosters. Power climbing was much more difficult if the player focused more on the main quest.

OdysseyDeveloper Had At least to deal with Appearance of potentially suppressed progression, Because its $ 10 booster was released at the same time as the $ 60 game..Who could completely eliminate the idea The game was sold at a hidden cost A Probably free Mobile games that move too slowly unless you pay??

last spring, Kotaku Asked the creative director of Valhalla About the possibility of XP booster. HHe said he avoided and he and the team revisited their progress in the next game so that players didn’t feel they couldn’t access the area they wanted to explore. After that, the launch took place and there were no boosters. Lessons learned?

Well, it seems that you have learned some lessons.Another big publisher, Activision, regularly Add a microtransaction to call of Duty Game after release, The past when their games were reviewedMarried.. Valhalla Launched in some microtransactions for special outfits and useful maps, these infamous boosters have been suppressed so far.

You can also buy it in Valhalla.

You can also buy it in Valhalla.
screenshot: Ubisoft / Kotaku

The fact that people are moving forward happily Valhalla For a month, we support the idea that games weren’t designed to make people feel they needed them. XP booster.. There are not many complaints that the game is too difficult to proceed and the player character is too weak. If you’re dissatisfied, the game may be too big because there’s so much to do in the world. This is another kind of problem.

Nevertheless, the existence of microtransactions is always a wondering prompt. They raise suspicions even if it may not be justified, and in that respect the creator of the game brings the disadvantage of having to be part of the equation, the convenience it gives to the wealthier players and the company it does. Brings the benefits to. Is it worth it?

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