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Tomorrow’s Chelsea Champions League match in Lille is at risk of being canceled, according to French figures, after Roman Abramovich has been added to the European Union sanctions “blacklist”.

In the UK, Bruce was able to continue his activities after obtaining a government license, even though Abramovic was in the limelight in relation to Vladimir Putin after the invasion of Ukraine.

This acts as a tax exemption and allows you to run your sports business as usual, but there are claims that clubs may need a similar license to play games and earn income on French land. I have.

Requip reported that this document was “necessary” for Chelsea. Chelsea is virtually owned by Abramovich. However, the same outlet argues that authorities may make decisions with respect for “sports fairness.”

The “blacklist”, named by the EU today, features many new Russian oligarchs. “It has been decided to impose a fourth set of economic and personal sanctions,” they said. [this] “Military aggression”, that is, Ukrainian bloodshed.

Stakeholders of Chelsea, the UEFA and the Council of the European Union are believed to have been informed of the risks and consequences of the new sanctions.

Regarding the uncertain situation, one source told Requip: meeting. ‘

When Abramovich is added to the EU sanctions list, he will be subject to a travel ban and his assets will be frozen. He has been targeted for “privileged access” to Putin and maintains a “very good relationship” with Putin, the draft said.

The same document helps Abramovich financially benefit from these relationships and become “one of Russia’s leading businessmen” in the industry that provided him with a “substantial source of income” for the Russian government. Claims to have been.

“These sanctions further contributed to increasing economic pressure on the Kremlin and undermining its ability to fund the invasion of Ukraine,” the European Commission said before saying that the restrictions were coordinated with its allies. Will do. ”

“If they discuss this in Congress, we have to worry about their priorities.”: Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel gives fans an “inappropriate” chant of Roman Abramovich’s name. I hit a spokesman for Boris Johnson who told me to stop

As it stands, the UEFA is “confident” that the last 16 seconds of the leg tie will go as planned. As a result, Chelsea aims to minimize the disruption of travel to Lille after the government budgets for the expedition.

As part of the crackdown, travel caps are currently £ 20,000, confusing plans.

But Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel insisted that no matter what happened, he and his players would go to Pierre Morroy Stadium tomorrow.

After his side victory over Newcastle, he said:’My last piece of information is that we have a plane. You can go by plane and return by plane. Otherwise we will go by train. Otherwise we will go by bus. If not, I will drive a 7-seater!

“When asked if I would be sidelined in a Champions League match 20 or 30 years ago, and what I wanted to do, I would say,” Where and when should I go? ” ‘We will be there.

“Of course, there are some negotiations systematically, but things feel very normal so far, as there are excellent people who organize travel and there are such devoted people in every department. increase.”

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UCL clash with Chelsea Lille could be canceled under new Abramovich sanctions UCL clash with Chelsea Lille could be canceled under new Abramovich sanctions

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