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Sources told AP that more than 12 European countries are considering options to quit FIFA as a last resort in the fight to prevent the biennial World Cup.

The plan to double the frequency of the World Cup was proposed by FIFA President Gianni Infantino on Tuesday’s private call and was attended by many leaders of 55 European affiliates who are resisting the transformation of the global game. bottom.

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Behind the scenes, I’ve heard that UEFA is already considering notifying FIFA of its intention to withdraw membership in the global governing body from more than 12 federations. People who knew the situation told the Associated Press. They discussed secret discussions on condition of anonymity.

The threat of leaving FIFA will confirm what the Nordic Federation mentioned as an option open to them when a group of six countries attacked the plan last week.

“The majority of FIFA [biennial] The FIFA World Cup, the Nordic Football Association, needs to consider further actions and scenarios that are closer to our basic values ​​than what the current FIFA proposal represents, “said the joint statement. Denmark, Sweden,Norway, Finland, Iceland And the Faroe Islands.

Infantino working with ex Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger plans to win World Cup support every two years, claiming that the plan will help more countries qualify to play on the biggest stages. However, support for maintaining the four-year cycle comes from countries such as Finland and the Faroe Islands, which have never qualified for the World Cup.

Leaving FIFA does not affect the national or club teams of UEFA members playing in European competitions. Gibraltar earned a UEFA membership in 2013 to play games on the continent before enrolling in FIFA three years later.

Countries leaving FIFA can get the support of UEFA President Alexander Cheferin. He has already hung the prospect that Europe will boycott the World Cup if Infantino pushes for a radical overhaul of the national team’s game calendar.

The FIFA proposal envisions tournaments in all off-seasons, rather than one World Cup and one European Championship each in the existing four-year cycle.

Wenger will be responsible for FIFA’s global football development for the month of October and November in the tournament qualifying, rather than having a men’s international match period in September, October, November and March. Support the block of the match.

This could limit cash flow to matchday revenue for only one period of the year, but uncertain whether fans would like to watch the match so quickly and in a row, injured in October. The hope of qualifying for the team that lost the key player in the game is hindered.

Article 18 of the FIFA Enactment provides how Membership Associations can leave the organization by providing notifications six months before the end of the calendar year.

Countries leaving FIFA are an unprecedented escalation of conflicts that divide the global game, and if only a few countries do it alone without the support of a coalition like UEFA, it will be fully activated. It will be hard to see.

UEFA is just one of six continental unions, but it produces more cash than FIFA, which acts as a comprehensive organization to oversee football around the world. FIFA will generate about $ 6 billion in a four-year cycle, compared to UEFA’s $ 14 billion, backed by the lucrative men’s version of the annual Champions League for the Elite European Club.

UEFA feels that hosting the World Cup every two years will undermine the quality of European club games that dominate football for about 40 weeks a year.

FIFA is trying to get some of the wealth of global club games by launching the expanded Club World Cup. The scheduled start in June of this year has been postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As these plans stalled, FIFA turned to more regular staging of the Men’s World Cup, its main source of income. FIFA is also considering hosting the Women’s World Cup every two years.

Through the leadership of UEFA, Ceferin will participate in a virtual meeting of the FIFA Council on Wednesday as Vice President of FIFA. FIFA’s highest decision-making body will discuss the biennial World Cup plan, which has traditionally focused on perfecting new structures for men’s games.

“The biennial World Cup feasibility study has not yet been completed or announced, but it seems that FIFA is trying to push the revolution forward without demonstrating the benefits of the revolution,” UEFA said in a statement. rice field.

FIFA recently hired Jill Ellis, who won the Women’s World Cup. America The coach leads the consultation of women’s showpieces, which are performed every two years.

UEFA is dissatisfied with the lack of opinion on the appointment of representatives of a group of experts led by Ellis.

“No federation or league representative has the important expertise to hold a daily women’s football tournament within the framework of the football calendar,” UEFA said. “We have not exchanged views with UEFA, leagues, tournament organizers or clubs so far, so we have requested a joint stakeholder forum. There is no confirmation from FIFA at this time.”

Only this week, FIFA gathered coaches from the men’s national team to discuss a proposal to see the 2026 World Cup co-sponsored by the United States. Canada When Mexico -And initially jumped from 32 teams to 48 teams-and then another edition in 2028. UEFA has already begun the process of finding a host to host the European Championship scheduled for 2028 every four years, making FIFA a direct conflict with European plans.

The 2028 World Cup is just before the Los Angeles Olympics, with World Cup sponsors and international Olympic committees such as Visa and Coca-Cola coming up for two events.

The IOC opposed FIFA’s plans by rarely blaming one of its sports and its IOC member Infantino.

Schedule conflicts with other sports, the Men’s World Cup obscuring the women’s version of the tournament, and the “greater burden” on the welfare of athletes were all quoted by the IOC after Saturday’s board meeting.

FIFA has not set a formal date for the decision on the World Cup proposal, but a meeting of 211 national members could be held in December.

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UEFA countries can quit FIFA in the World Cup line UEFA countries can quit FIFA in the World Cup line

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