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UFC 257 It has already gone down as one of the biggest pay-per-views in the history of promotion, and now the pre-broadcast has also been very well received.

According to the Nielsen ratings system, ESPN’s UFC 257 Prelim ranked first overall in cable programming last Saturday. The two-hour broadcast was a coveted demographic of 18-49 years old, with an average of 1,433 million viewers and a rating of 0.54.

Prelim’s peak hit 1.7 million viewers during a featured match Armanzar Kyan And Matt FreboraIn fact, the day before the event, we met when both of our opponents were pulled out of the card.

With an average of 1,433 million viewers, the UFC 257 Prelim is the company’s fourth-highest-rated broadcast since signing with ESPN in 2018.The card that got the higher evaluation UFC 246 Prelim with 1,676,000 viewers UFC 247 The prelims are 1,491 million and the first ESPN card to have a UFC of 14.63 million, slightly above the UFC 257 prelims.

The common denominator for two of these shows (UFC246 and UFC257) is Conor McGregor Event heading. Both of these cards sold well over a million pay-per-view purchases. This only adds to McGregor’s claim as the greatest attraction of martial arts today.

The UFC used McGregor’s return to action for the first time in a year to earn huge paydays for promotions in pay-per-view, not to mention the ratings received in the preliminary broadcast.With pay-per-view Sold about 1.6 million purchases reportedly With an average pre-broadcast audience of 14.33 million worldwide, authorities definitely consider UFC 257 to be a remarkable success.

As a further proof of the size of the card, SportsCenter, which aired on ESPN at 1am following UFC 257 on Saturday night, gained an average of 494,000 viewers on its ninth-highest-rated show on cable. Overall, ESPN dominated five of the top ten cable TV programs on Saturday.

The next preliminary broadcast will take place on February 13th. UFC 258Features the main event on pay-per-view among welterweight champions Kamaru Usman And top rank candidates Gilbert Burns..

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UFC 257 landed # 1 on ESPN on all cable shows on Saturday UFC 257 landed # 1 on ESPN on all cable shows on Saturday

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