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Chance Habib Nurmagomedov And Conor McGregor At this point we may fight again, but it looks pretty slim. But after seeing Connor taken away in UFC 257, Habib’s longtime coach believes undefeated fighters will destroy the star in a rematch.

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Javier Mendes says McGregor would have been “broken”

McGregor faced Dustin Poirier in the UFC 257 headliner and was selected as Dustin Poirier in the second round. Prior to the match, there was extensive talk about whether Habib-McGregor 2 would come true, if, Connor won a big victory.

Javier Mendes, Habib’s impressive coach, has gone down as UFC 257 goes down. Submit radio.. Mendes said this while discussing what would have happened if Connor faced Habib again ( MMA junkie).

“(McGregor) would have been destroyed,” Mendes said. “Habib is better. He will have been destroyed.

He would have been destroyed straight. Habib is better. He is better than when they fought two years ago.

Connor didn’t look good. He retreated a little. Habib is much better. He would have been destroyed. “

And while talking about Poirier’s calf kick and how important they were in the match, Mendes said this.

“When I see Dustin start a leg kick, I go.’Well, Connor’s stance isn’t meant to properly check for such a leg kick,'” Mendes said. ..

“Especially the calf kick. So I thought that would be a big problem.

And when he hit Dustin with a good shot and Dustin took it, that was when I knew a kind of thing, “Oh, things will change.”

And surely they did. And doing leg kicks and calf kicks was a great game plan from Dustin. And it was a bad decision on the part of Connor not to prepare for it.

“I don’t understand how you can’t prepare for something like that, when that’s what everyone will do.

Habib, I told him, I reminded him that Justin comes after your feet every day, Justin comes after your feet.

Every day I told him so. And since it’s a great weapon, you’ll think you’ll be remembered again.

It will be a great weapon until the fighter learns how to deal with it, everyone. “


Indeed, some, including McGregor boosters, may argue that UFC 257 cannot conclude what the rematch with Habib will be. The argument is probably that Habib isn’t really known for his kick, and against Connor he’s about to stop fighting again.

But Mendes wasn’t the only one to say that Connor didn’t look like the forces that were once in UFC 257. The question is, can we fight the best of the division and put together another run?

Aside from that, before UFC 257, Habib repeatedly claimed that confronting McGregor again would yield nothing. Now that his rivals have lost again, it seems impossible to rematch.

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UFC 257 shows Habib smashing McGregor in a rematch UFC 257 shows Habib smashing McGregor in a rematch

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