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Tonight in Las Vegas, current middleweight champion Israel’s “last style bender” Adesanya seeks access to one of the finest clubs in all professional mixed martial arts. Only four people have succeeded in their quest in front of him. Conor McGregor. Henry Cejudo. Daniel Cormier. And Amanda Nunes, a member of the UFC 259. What do all these have in common? They’re all in the history of the two-weight UFC World Champion held at the same time.

It is an unexplored territory of Adesanya in professional mixed martial arts. Light heavyweight brings some of the heaviest punchers in the sport’s elite level-arguably not as good as fellow headliner Jan Blawowic. Adesanya shared the Octagon with middleweight giants Yoel Romero and Paulo Costa, neither of whom had great success against him — Blawic seems to have a terrifyingly stronger deterrent than both. ..

Adesanya may face the toughest challenge of his bid to chase the second title of paper in the form of Brahovic, compared to the light heavyweight competition piled up from 1 to 15, but Brahovic Is also arguably facing the greatest threat to his £ 205 championship. His first attempted title defense.

The danger posed by Blawic, which prevents Adesanya from joining its completely exclusive club, has been significant in the last two years. Declared “Polish power”. Starting in the summer of 2019, the 38-year-old has run through Luke Rockhold, Corey Anderson, Dominick Reyes and more to perform outstandingly in her real career.

Brahovic, who broke Rockhold’s chin with a clinch giant hook and then hit a few shots on the ground, was the opposite ticket to then-champion Jon Jones, at least on his own estimate. Imposing his own championship aspirations on a former title holder who had already booked.

Rematching Ultimate Fighter 19 Corey Anderson, who won the championship in February last year, won his rank as the number one candidate in the light heavyweight division. Anderson folds in a large first round knockout.

Blawowic, who was competing for vacant championship loot on “Fight Island” under Adesanya in September in a joint main event clash, was largely overlooked given the early days of the turbulence with the UFC. , Brought a massive knockout to Reyes above. The nose of a Californian in the preparatory stage until the finish after hitting the rib with a roundhouse kick.

Adesanya did not actually suffer any serious damage in the last two outings to Costa and Romero mentioned above. You need to be cautious and take countermeasures against those who have the power of Blawic.

Hitting the scale at 200.5 pounds for the match, Adesanya seems to want to maintain his reflexes and split faster. You wouldn’t expect him to weigh 205 pounds north tonight when he’s actually standing opposite Blawic in the Octagon. .. The overall pace advantage should fall to Adesanya’s feet, but Blawic could take his walk somewhere near £ 220 tonight. The overall size side of this collision falls firmly into the sway in the direction of Blawic.

Adesanya also shares the UFC 259 event with former title challenger Thiago Santos. Thiago Santos is the only competitor to finish Brahovic on strike. Adesanya and Santos share a striking contrasting style in terms of background and overall power, while the former can incorporate some aspects of Santos’ performance into tonight’s match.

Certain calf kick variations that have been quite successful with notable external oblique kicks appear to be primarily available in Blawicch’s orthodox left reed. Blawowic, who had lost a lot of impressive exchanges, was forced to close the distance with the Brazilians and plunged into the backstep left hook of the cutout. This is a similar shot found in past enemies Costa and Robert Whittaker. Blawic may find that he leans favorably towards the force equation of this equation, but Adesanya’s expertise in counter-art is certainly unparalleled.

This is mainly done at your feet. I think the consensus tends to agree with that point of view — and it could actually result in a power vs. accurate battle in that environment. Blawic is taking advantage of Power Advantage. And Adesanya takes a precise head.

What Adesanya literally adopts in each UFC match is this usual patient, composer and stunning game plan. However, Blawic’s calm and elastic person was struck off his feet. Undoubtedly, it’s as rare as a chicken tooth. His ability to continue composing, even when turning his back on the fence or gaining an edge in terms of octagon control, allows Adesanya to take patient and aggressive actions, and Blawic forces the fight. I’m not entirely sure if it’s the dynamic enemy needed to do it-change Adesanya’s mistakes with each move.

Prediction: Israel Adesanya def.Jan Blawowic by knockout

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UFC 259: Jan Blawowic vs. Israel Adesanya – Breakdown UFC 259: Jan Blawowic vs. Israel Adesanya – Breakdown

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