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I wouldn’t call this card a single fight card, but the UFC didn’t put too much effort into the stack of cards. When Conor McGregor surpasses the card, at least you don’t have to put a lot of effort into it. Hosting a joint main event between Gilbert Burns and Stephen Thompson will be accepted as a joint main event for PPV, but will not add more viewers than McGregor was trying to get. So it makes sense why the rest of the main card feels disappointing. Greg Hardy hasn’t developed the way brass wants, and Sean O’Malley has been fighting someone that most MMA fans haven’t heard of until last week, but has done little about inventory. That is, it doesn’t do anything unless O’Malley wins the highlight reel KO … something the UFC is expecting.

Gilbert Burns vs. Stephen Thompson, Welterweight

Not so long ago, many said that Thompson’s era as a candidate was over. These beliefs had a lot of legitimacy, surpassing KO’s defeat to Anthony Pettis and winning just one in five contests. However, Thompson needed two contests to change the minds of many of these allegations. This shows that whatever you lose in terms of athletic performance, you make up for it with the use of expert footwork, spacing and angles. These technical areas are so sophisticated that no one knows if he loses anything about his physical skills.

Burns has come a long way from a few years ago in his impressive way, but no one mistakes his own technique somewhere at Thompson’s level. Then again, the list of people approaching the previous kickboxer is very short. Anyway, many remember Burns joining champion Kamaru Usman with his heavy cannon, mixing kicks and powershots. The problem was that Burns’ effectiveness was effectively hampered when Usman started moving jabs regularly … and Thompson’s jabs are much more efficient than Usman’s jabs. Probably not very powerful, but Thompson’s ability to hold enemies at the end of jabs and kicks makes it hard to believe that Burns can effectively push his brand’s blows.

Burns has a big advantage on the mat. One of the most decorated BJJ practitioners in MMA sports today, few are willing to defeat Burns. Thompson has been working hard to enhance the ground game since joining the organization in 2012, but most of his focus has been on avoiding being unloaded and recovering when unloaded. If Thompson has been stuck under Burns for quite some time, it’s very easy to see the contest end in a hurry.

There are two reasons why I’m so into Thompson. First, his technique and spacing aren’t just for attacking from the outside. It prevents his opponents from invading his hips and in the first place, often requiring something like Burns to shoot from the outside. Second, like many fighters who begin to see the results of tackling their blows, Burns hasn’t put much emphasis on getting into his universe in recent contests. Burns would be wise to do so against Thompson, but I don’t believe it will happen. Look for Thompson’s usual sidekick and jab array to do most of the damage for Thompson to make a relatively comfortable decision … and put his way into his own contest with Usman. I will. Thompson by decision

Irene Aldana vs. Yana Kunitskaya, Female Bantam Weight

The UFC is doing everything in its power to prepare Irene Aldana for the potential title shot. Now is the same good time for Al Dana to seize the opportunity. If she wins here, there are no major obstacles to her from competing for the title. Given Brandon Moreno’s recent flyweight title wins, the Mexican MMA scene is hot.

It’s quite possible that Al Dana will win here and win the title, but despite Kunitskaya’s winning streak towards the contest, I don’t think the same courtesy will be offered to Kunitskaya. Russian natives already have title shots-she was a sacrificial lamb of Cris Cyborg a few years ago-and her crushing style against cages voluntarily doesn’t catch much eye. Anyway, Kunitskaya is very clinch-resistant and effectively neutralizes her opponent with long stretches while scraping the free limbs she has available. There is little damage, but there are points.

She intends to have a chore hell that binds Al Dana. While Holly Holm succeeded in putting Al Dana on the mat, Al Dana was forced to move forward. Against Kunitskaya, Al Dana seems to stay in the most comfortable place for her: lead with a jab on the outside and occasionally combine punch combinations. She also uses kicks more often, adding variety to the boxing batting base. Of course, when Kunitskaya is in range, the low kick is the only stable part of her attack. They don’t end the fight, but they get points.

When it comes to physical tools, this contest should belong to Al Dana all day long. Although she is one of the most talented strikers in any women’s division, she struggles to fight the fight and usually allows her opponents to be dragged into what she wants to do. To make matters worse, her best victory is that the Ketren Viera will voluntarily fight her fight. Kunitskaya is not an Al Dana athlete, but she is strong, has an advantage on the mat, and has a better IQ. I like Russians with this. Kunitskaya by decision

  • List of people who support Greg Hardy Winning is very short. Sure, the former NFL All-Pro has successfully bowed since focusing on his career in MMA, but people still remember his discretion from his football era. Hardy’s physical gift was revealed because he has terrifying power and blast, but the IQ of his fight is still very problematic. He has proven to be able to modify his opponents and perform measured performance in the course of three rounds, given the right type of combat. But he also drained his gas tank prematurely by looking for killings, as in his recent appearance on Marushin the case of Tai Tuivasa, His fight IQ has improved decisively. Tuivasa is much more valued for its approach, rather than firing heavy leather in a hurry like it used to be, and low kicks are a consistent weapon to weaken your opponent’s base, allowing you to take your own kill shots. I am enhancing the sex. Tai Tuivasa is a positive athlete by heavyweight standards, but due to his short frame, he hasn’t reached Hardy’s level. Nevertheless, Tuivasa has a fighter spirit, but Hardy is an athlete trying to become a fighter. If Hardy can get rid of Tuivasa, there’s no shock – Tuivasa’s defenses are still questionable – but Tuivasa’s improved game plan makes me feel comfortable choosing him. Tai Tuivasa via TKO on RD2
  • UFC is in danger of putting Sean O’Mary On the territory of Michael Page. Like the page, O’Malley is clearly a special physical talent. With a bantamweight 5’11 “frame, creative kick game, and KO power, this 26-year-old has already established a nice highlight reel in just six battles in his UFC career. His ability to seamlessly switch stances makes it easier to find the angle he’s looking for, and he still uses feints and feints a lot, but their wise use makes them more effective. It’s possible to hurt O’Mary if the UFC continues to protect him the way Berator did on the page. O’Mary’s first enemy, Luis Smolka, is due to a staphylococcal infection. I was forced to withdraw. There were a lot of contracted UFC fighters lined up to play against O’Mary, but the UFC isn’t in the way to sign someone new. Chris Mutinho.. Mutinho is a perfectly acceptable late shift, but he is no better than anyone who wants to intervene. Mutinho smoothly connects strikes and has a deep gas tank, but it’s also wide open defensively, and O’Malley’s sniper style and long reach make Moutinho an addition to O’Malley’s highlight reels. The best potential victim. Mutinho is not lacking in toughness, but his durability is questionable. O’Malley via RD1 KO

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UFC 264 Preview: Can Thompson punch his way to a shot on Usman’s belt? UFC 264 Preview: Can Thompson punch his way to a shot on Usman’s belt?

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