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Julianna Peña, the current UFC women’s bantamweight champion, has recently caused a great deal of confusion as she was able to defeat Amanda Nunes in the title. The historic victory has received some praise from fans. WWE has always had a close relationship with UFC fighters. They recognize the mainstream value of legitimate fighters taking over wrestling. AEW takes a similar approach. Nate Diaz recently dropped a bomb about Julianna Peña

Julianna Peña was at WWE SmackDown

Pena appeared in WWE SmackDown on December 17, 2021. WWE shared a video clip of Pena and shared her wonderful time at the event on her Instagram account. The new champion was grateful with some fun:

“I’m very happy to be here in Chicago where fans are enjoying the night. Great energy. It’s a blast. Thank you for welcoming me, WWE.”

Amanda Nunes’ 12-game winning streak was shattered when Pena tapped out a former champion in just over three minutes of the second round. At the last moment, they went on strike, and both women went on strike. Pena showed her toughness by absorbing incoming punches and reacting with harder shots.

Juliana’s attack eventually rewarded Nunez as she was vulnerable to the clinch takedown. Pena took Nunez to the ground and immediately locked him in the RNC, forcing him to remove the tap from his opponent.

Pena’s victory effectively ended Nunez’s seven-year undefeated streak, which she emphasized. Since then, Pena has publicly celebrated the victory. Fans were wondering if she would choose to join WWE in the future.

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UFC 269 Top Star Becomes WWE SmackDown UFC 269 Top Star Becomes WWE SmackDown

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