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Over the next few years, we will be expanding our arrangements with the Cleveland Clinic to study brain health.

The promotion announced in a press release Thursday that it has signed a five-year extension to work with the Cleveland Clinic. The goal of this collaboration is to study the long-term effects of recurrent head injuries and the factors that make certain individuals at high risk of developing chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). In addition to that support, the company has donated $ 1 million to the Lulubo Brain Health Center in Las Vegas. This study has been underway for 10 years and the UFC confirms that it is at least part of the following five:

“The UFC is proud to continue to support both the Cleveland Clinic and the brain health research of professional athletes,” explained Lawrence Epstein, UFC’s Chief Operating Officer. “UFC has been supporting this study since its inception. We are proud to be at the forefront of helping athletes set new standards of health and safety in all sports. Dr. Bernick and Ritter. He has done a great job and looks forward to helping them proceed with their research. “

The Professional Athletes Brain Health Study was founded in 2011 to study a group of professional athletes. As it has grown, it has focused on several other sports that feature frequent head injuries such as professional bull riders. The study expanded to include more than 800 athletes, both retired and active, in voluntary testing and scanning. Every year, many of these athletes come to take the test, so you can track and observe changes over time.

Dr. Bernick, the founder of the study, was excited about the news and explained: “The support provided by the UFC is the cornerstone of the success of our research and we have been able to reach the milestones of the last decade in our research. Their financial commitment is needed for this ongoing project. Not only did they help maintain the infrastructure, but they encouraged them to join the fighters, and the costs they provided for mixed martial arts were invaluable. “

Dr. Ritter, a co-principal researcher, responded to his colleagues and concluded that: .—At the same time, determine what is most important to keep the athlete’s brain healthy. The key to the next decade is to discover which factors are most important to each individual. The Professional Athletes Brain Health Study is the largest and longest-running study to investigate this issue. Without UFC support, such research would never happen. “


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UFC Announces Five-Year Joint Extension with Cleveland Clinic for Brain Health UFC Announces Five-Year Joint Extension with Cleveland Clinic for Brain Health

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