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Online casinos and gambling sites are being further recognized and branded through sports sponsorship. In the Premier League alone, more than half of clubs have official iGaming sponsors. Football, NHL and NFL are, of course, sponsored by sites focused on sports betting, while MMA is sponsored by poker sites.

The world’s largest mixed martial arts promoter, the UFC is now officially sponsored by PokerStars, the heavyweight online poker team. PokerStars is looking for its own ambassador among MMA fighters, and Daniel Cormier, Johnnie Walker and Bruce Buffer have agreed to take on that role. The three stars represent poker giants and participate in promotions, campaigns and events.

MMA’s famous casino player

Terence Chan

Chan, an employee of PokerStars, has won over $ 1 million in games. He was one of the poker UFC stars, winning two SCOOP bracelets overnight and later adding the WCOOP title. Chan has a history of training Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but has never officially competed.

Chan enjoys fighting because MMA is as strategic a sport as poker. His first MMA battle took place in Vancouver and won the TKO.

Rex Felt Heiss and Badland Grosperia

Verduis, PokerSrars Pro has some experience in MMA, but with him Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier – Similarly, PokerStars Pro – fought its own battle in Marbella. Grospellier had previously done kickboxing and Muay Thai and started training seriously in preparation for the fight. Veldhuis won the fight with a pair of kicks in just four minutes.

Dana White

White’s main job is to run the UFC, but he’s also an avid blackjack player. He likes to play high stakes like $ 25,000 in hands, and as UFC president, he can certainly afford it. White was so successful in blackjack that Palm, who he was playing, first cut the stake limit and then banned him from the game. He once earned $ 2 million from the casino and another time $ 5 million.

Celebrities play poker

Apart from MMA stars, other celebrities also play poker.Ben Affleck, famous for his card counting skills in blackjack – Matt Damon and the NFL quarterback Tom brady We are teaming up to play celebrity online poker for charity. The tournament was streamed on Twitch last April. Bryan Cranston, Adam Levine, Sarah Silverman, Tobey Maguire and Jon Hamm also joined the table to raise $ 1 million for All-In For Feeding America.


Being familiar with both MMA and poker backgrounds, it’s not surprising to find a partnership between sports and games. Some MMA fighters have tried their luck in poker, and professional poker players have tried their skills in the ring for the past few years.

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UFC celebrities who made money in gambling and poker UFC celebrities who made money in gambling and poker

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